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If you're reading this, you're likely in need of a really good website. You want it to be fast and well positioned, offer a great user experience, stand out from the competition, and provide options for scaling or customization… among others. Good for you!

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This report will introduce you to the method of creating websites that lets your company achieve these outcomes easily and most effectively. This method is called: the Jamstack/Headless approach

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What's in it for you

Everything you need to know about Jamstack 📖

We'll be 100% frank with you: we don't believe in WordPress, Drupal or other web development solutions implemented in a traditional way. If you stick to them, you'll probably lose some business possibilities.

There's no need for you to lose any business possibility. It's never a positive thing. And we're cheerful people who like positive outcomes!

We've been working on web development projects for over 10 years now. We know that Jamstack/Headless is simply better. We think you deserve to know it, too!

That's one of the reasons we've created this report.

Read our Jamstack report to:

  • 01

    Introduce yourself to Jamstack's benefits in detail

  • 02

    Easily understand the Jamstack ecosystem
    and get to know the best tools and solutions

  • 03

    Learn why it's a good idea business-wise
    and technology-wise to switch to Jamstack

  • 04

    Learn insightful market data
    on the Headless Web Development environment

  • 05

    Get a broader perspective on why Jamstack
    is the future of Web Development

  • 06

    Gather unique data and market forecasts for the web development industry

  • 07

    Understand why the number of Jamstack websites doubles every year

  • 08

    Be sure you're fully prepared to go with Jamstack

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What is Jamstack

Wait a moment, I need more information! What is Jamstack at all? 🤔

Jamstack is not a particular technology. It's an approach that makes use of technologies to deliver websites and apps that are versatile, super-performant and scalable. Jamstack simply gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom to create the perfect end product you need: a website, a web application, an eCommerce site or marketplace, as well as a PWA (Progressive Web App).

Jamstack's Main Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Ultimately Fast Performance

    Prerendering and Static Site Generators make Jamstack websites ultra rapid

  • Highest Security

    Sensitive information and user data aren't stored on the web server

  • Improved SEO

    Jamstack websites rank high in Google as they are fast, performant and super secure

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Thanks to decoupling, you can rearrange content or user interface (front-end) without making an unwanted back-end revolution

  • Easy Scaling

    With Content Delivery Networks, all the files are automatically sent to the optimal server. You'll be ready for a sudden high-volume traffic

  • Cross-Platform

    You can show your content on every device without needing to make enormous code changes for every single purpose

  • Desirable
    User Experience

    You can create unlimited user experiences thanks to the numerous front-end technologies you are free to choose from

If you want to learn more, read our blog article: What is Jamstack?

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Okay, but really: why should I download this Jamstack guide?

Well, it depends on who you are and what you expect. Either way, you have at least one good reason.

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    Forget about SEO-focused written fluff of dubious quality

  • 2.

    Leave aside hard-to-understand, technical articles written by insiders

  • 3.

    Stop wasting your time looking for information dispersed all over the Internet

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And when you finish your read, you can always reach out to us. We'll happily answer all your questions. You can also do it without having read the report, if you wish.

About us

Naturaily - a Jamstack Development Agency

Naturaily is a Poland-based tech company with over 10 years of providing web design & development services. We also deliver headless eCommerce implementation services.

We create fast, scalable and flexible digital platforms: websites, eCommerce storefronts or web, mobile, PWA and SPA applications. We chose the Jamstack/Headless approach because we want to provide customers only with modern and cutting-edge solutions - not the ones the market is accustomed to.

We've been recognized as one of the Global Top 1000 Companies in 2021 by Clutch.

Regardless of what you need - customization, migration of an entire website to Headless or creation of a simple landing page - we advise you on every stage, so you can make a decision with peace of mind and enjoy a cost-effective, future-proof solution.

We are official partners of leading Jamstack solutions providers:

  • sanity
  • storyblok
  • vercel
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