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It’s people that matter - work and be yourself

We work as a team

Naturaily is only just over 30 people large, which means less people work on individual projects. A smaller team allows for everyone to know what their role is, for transparent communication and active participation, in making the best product possible. We build our products together. We don’t punish innovation and curiosity - we nurture it. We respect the expertise of our developers and always try to implement their best ideas into our projects. Every week brings new challenges, and every week, we work together to meet them.

We notice potential

We know how to spot potential and a will to grow professionally. We encourage employees who want to work and develop their skills. We take care of less experienced team members and guide them on their professional journey.

I liked that the interview was straightforward and to the point. I immediately knew, what to expect, and what my role within the company would be. They weren't afraid to take a chance on a less experienced tester, and support my professional development. From day one I could count on the support of my team manager, who helped me navigate the job and explain more complicated processes.

~Bartek (QA)

We like you - for you!

What makes us unique is our respect for individuality. We created an open and honest work environment that encourages everyone to be themselves. Our teams are a true mix of personalities, which makes for a productive and fun day at work. We value honesty and open communication between all team members. Everyone’s opinion is equally important and considered. We combine the best from both worlds - a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with strong work ethics.

What made me choose Naturaily was the feeling that my opinion mattered and I had a real impact on the project I was working on. I stayed because I'd wake up and not drag going to work, I was actually excited about it!

~Kuba (RoR Developer)

You can expect more

Location Our office is in the heart of Wroclaw's Old Town.
Multisport card Health and wellness is important to us.
Education Grow professionally, attend conferences and workshops.
Work-life balance Enjoy flexible hours and home-office days.
Technology New Macs from day one.
Snacks and Drinks All the fresh fruit, tea, coffee and sweets you could want.
Real impact on project We respect and encourage our employees’ ideas.
Chillroom Relax while playing FIFA and eating pizza.

When you come to work with us you will most likely have to assemble your own workstation, it’s our special way of welcoming you into our ranks!

Grow professionally while staying true to your values

Company culture

At Naturaily we value individuality, professionalism, open communication and honesty. We strive to provide our clients with the best, stable, reliable and beautiful digital products. We achieve that by avoiding technical debt and being thorough. After years of working with digital products we’re still excited by new technologies, creative solutions and overcoming challenges. We pride ourselves in knowledge of Vue.js, Ruby on Rails and Internet of Things.

Join our team in four easy steps

Our recruitment process:


Answer our job posting or use the form below to tell us what position you are interested in. Follow us on social media to receive notifications about newest openings in various departments.

interview call

Talk to one of our founders and see if you’ll be a good fit at Naturaily. Get a feel of the atmosphere, find out more about our daily routine and types of projects you’d be working on.

In person interview
or pair programming

Answer a series of meritorical questions or take part in a short pair programming session with one of our senior developers. Find out where you place level-wise, which team and project would be best suitable for you.

on board

That’s it! Now you can join our team of developers, work on interesting projects, grow professionally and start your new adventure with Naturaily. So just show up and do your best!

We offer both stationary and remote opportunities for senior developers. If you’re interested in an internship or are applying for a junior position keep in mind that we’d want you close for training so you’d work at our beautiful office in the heart of Wroclaw.
While I was still at University I took part in a group project competition. The premise was to build an application under the guidance of a real company. I was always passionate about Ruby on Rails and curious about Vue.js. Naturaily already worked with those frameworks so I applied to develop my project with them. With their help my team won the competition and I got a chance at a real internship. It’s been almost 2 years and I’m still here - I believe that speaks for itself.

~Adrian (RoR Developer)
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We’re working to build something meaningful and lasting. We try to approach everything we do thoughtfully - and if you feel the same about your work, we’d love to hear from you. Use the form below and start your adventure at Naturaily.

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