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As you might already know, we specialize in IoT development, Web development and Cloud Adoption and we are constantly looking for specialists like you.

01 The team

Meet your future team

Naturaily builds software empowering smart grids and enables serious business decisions based on KPIs calculated in real-time for tens of manufacturing facilities.

Being a member of Naturaily offers you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. We are a team of specialists who attach great importance to work ethics and a high quality of code.

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If you share our values and want to create software that really solves problems in the modern world - join us.

02 Developer’s Career Path

We are equally willing to open our doors to , and

Are you at the beginning of your career as a developer and not sure what to learn next or how to improve your skills? No worries. We are ready for you.

Prepare for Codemaggedon - coding school with practical classes only.

It is an amazing opportunity for you and other aspiring developers to grow and gain knowledge. Within a reasonable period of time, we will teach you all of the good programming practices, how to use new tools such as Docker and how to work effectively within your team. Also, we are huge Agile lovers so expect to learn this too. You will become a mid or even a senior in no time!

Area Skills
Experience 1-2 years
Team Skills
  • Not afraid to ask other developers for help or code review.
  • Eager to learn and open to feedback, as well as colleagues' good advice.
  • Tries to look at the project as a whole and is dedicated to the cause.
Tool use
  • Has basic knowledge of the use of tools and wants to learn more.
  • Not afraid to test new tools and solutions.
Broad Approach
  • Engages in other team members' initiatives eagerly.
  • Develops his knowledge also outside of the work, e.g. by participating in workshops and meetups.
Salary ~3300 PLN net
developer photo
What can I say? Naturaily is my first serious job and I couldn't imagine a better place to achieve my first successes and experience a little failure. I put a lot of effort into being a valuable member of the team and it pays off because I get a lot of positive feedback, both from the board and the team. What I value the most is the fact that I can always count on other developers who are ready to help and share their experiences with me. The atmosphere at Naturaily is a perfect balance between work and fun. When we work, we work, and when we have our time off, we sit, talk and laugh.

Frontend Developer

Time for the second level of initiation called The Skills Hunt. Below, you will find a list of skills you need to master if you want to call yourself the Regular.

Area Skills
Experience >2 years
Team Skills
  • Able to solve all the assigned tasks on its own.
  • Knows how to use the technologies and tools they work with.
  • Knows how to use a given technology and how to create their code so that everything works properly.
  • Takes part in the recruitment process, giving technological expertise, along with a senior developer.
Tool use Fluent in using project tools and open to trying new ones.
Broad Approach
  • Takes part in professional meetups and encourages others to do the same.
  • Ready to share knowledge gained by participating in a conference or after reading a book.
  • Well-oriented throughout the entire software development cycle.
Lifelong Learning
  • Knows his specialisation.
  • Explores knowledge about technology with curiosity and searches for the best solutions.
  • Wants to deepen his domain knowledge and learn new technologies.
Client Approach
  • Is able to provide legible details of current work (e.g. limitations, hindrances)
  • Provides open communication.
  • Can handle both positive and negative feedback regarding the actual work.
Salary ~6000 PLN net
developer photo
The most important thing you should know about Naturaily is that its built by a great team. I have the pleasure of working with fantastic people who are open, ready to talk about not only code-related things and willing to spend some valuable time together. The atmosphere is casual enough to show your personality and focused enough to get things done. What's vital to me is the fact that my colleagues are technically excellent - every blog post is at a high or very high level. See for yourself.

Ruby on Rails Developer

This is the stage we call a Dev Master. Wondering if you are still a Regular or already a Senior? Check out the data below and find out.

Area Skills
Experience 5+ years
Team Skills
  • Aware of his value and does not need to prove it to anyone.
  • Helps others and lets them ask questions when they do not know something.
  • Strives to make the code understandable to others while writing it.
  • Values cooperation and is able to encourage and motivate other team members.
  • Easy becomes a mentor to less experienced colleagues and can plan and distribute work.
  • Approachable and ready to give and get any feedback.
  • Ready to take responsibility for the team and project performance.
  • Takes part in the recruitment process, providing technological expertise.
Tool use
  • Has knowledge, experience and ready-to-use tools to diagnose and solve any programming problem.
  • Eager to try new tools and solutions.
Broad Approach
  • Able to have a broad view of the project.
  • Able to complete the project from the very beginning, until the application is passed to the testers and delivered to the client.
  • Knows how to cooperate with co-workers with different competences.
  • Explains complicated technical issues to the client in an understandable way and initiates new solutions.
Lifelong Learning
  • Engages in the programming community, exchanges their experience with its members and shares their knowledge with other team members.
  • Initiates educational events inside the company and shares knowledge gained at conferences and external workshops.
Client Approach
  • Motivates other team members to run transparent communication
  • Takes over the responsibility for leading meetings
  • Promotes the organizational approach of long-standing relationship with the Client
  • Introduces innovative techniques in coping with difficulties
Salary >9000 PLN net
developer photo
Naturaily is not a factory where you punch a time clock and start your work on a production line. No matter if you are a Senior Ninja Cobol Enthusiast or you just read JavaScript for Dummies last weekend - what matters is what's in your head, not what's on paper.

Senior Frontend Developer

03 Recruitment Process

Take these 4 steps to change your career

  • +3 days
  • +5 days
  • +7 days
  1. 1

    Your move We are sure there is a place for you in our team. Check out the openings and send your application. We can't wait to meet you.

  2. 2

    First call We will call you to talk more about you and your possible future at Naturaily.

  3. 3

    Meeting The best part! A face-to-face meeting with a few members of our team. We will sit, drink some coffee and talk about the details.

  4. 4

    Welcome on board That's it. From now on, you are part of our team. Check out the details below to find out about your first day at work. confetti

04 Company Culture

We make a good team

team photo

We work in small project teams, which allows everyone to know their role, facilitates transparent communication and enables active participation in creating the best product possible.

We build our products together. Every week brings new challenges and, every week, we work together to face them.

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We see what is best in you

We know how to spot potential and a will to grow professionally. Innovation and curiosity are never punished - they are nurtured. Respecting the expertise of our developers is a priority and we always try to implement their best ideas into our projects. Every employee that wants to work and develop their skills is always encouraged to do so. This includes taking care of less experienced team members and guiding them on their professional journey.

We want to grow as people and as professionals

It is not all cakes and ale. We all are here to work eventually. You need to be prepared that sometimes there are more downs than ups, but we are here to help each other and find a way out together. Every day brings us new challenges but, thanks to them, we can develop and this is what we care about most.

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05 Perks & Benefits

Little things that make our daily life a little bit easier

Ready to join our team
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