Who we are?

We work together, naturally.

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Naturally experienced

The Founding Fathers of Naturaily could be described as “The Founding GrandFathers” given that they are over 4 decades old. However, their experience and patience, acquired as they were getting older, now provide a real value to our customers.

The team full of motivation and passion that has plenty of power to make things happen is what balances the experienced duet of Naturaily co-founders.

The energy of the youth and the quality gathered over the years of experience are our yin and yang.

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Agile as a stream

We react quickly and nimbly. We understand the value of the rapid response for business depending on software and its correct functioning. Did something go wrong? Do you need help right away or do you need to expand your IT team? We provide very efficient service - our team can be at your disposal within couple of days since the first time you contact us. Check us out!

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Solid as a rock

The quality of our services is our top priority. We test and verify the excellence of the code we create at every stage of the production process to finally deliver the most stable and solid product for our customers. We guarantee a product free from technological debt. No need for yet another round of bug fixing. We focus on the details, so you can pay attention to the bigger picture.

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Transparent as a crystal

We know trust is fundamental for effective cooperation. That is why we do everything we can to build a trustful relationship from day one. Staging environment, code base repository, monitoring tools, issue and time tracker are available for you to check our work on a daily basis. We want you to know as much as you need to know and to build trust based on data.

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We are focused and effective. We are not lumberjacks, hipsters, vegan or horseback riding lovers.

First and foremost we are software development specialists and experts. Our team is made up of talented, passionate people, who pride themselves in making useful, reliable and beautiful digital products, while keeping coding fun.

Our team, naturally the best!

Image of a person Marcin Sulikowski Co-founder
Image of a person Sebastian Kubiak Co-founder
Image of a person Adam Ruby/JS Developer
Image of a person Paweł (Lighto) Frontend Developer
Image of a person Arkadiusz Ruby/JS Developer
Image of a person Klaudia Ruby/JS Developer
Image of a person Agata UX/UI Designer
Image of a person Bartek Senior Frontend Developer
Image of a person Adrian Ruby/JS Developer
Image of a person Jakub Ruby/JS Developer
Image of a person Anna Office Manager
Image of a person Karol Ruby Developer
Image of a person Błażej Ruby/JS Developer
Image of a person Wojtek Content Specialist
Image of a person Leo Business Developer
Image of a person Anna Project Manager
Image of a person Epifany Content Marketing Specialist
Image of a person Piotr Ruby Developer
Image of a person Daniel Frontend Developer
Image of a person Łukasz Fullstack Developer
Image of a person Bartosz QA Specialist
Image of a person Stefan Ruby Developer
Image of a person Andrzej JS Developer
Image of a person Michał Ruby Developer

What is important to you,
is important to us!

Work/life balance

We believe that life is the most important thing. Though we love our work, we try not to spend 24 hours a day in front of a computer screen. We believe that with the right balance we can get more out of life and work more efficiently. Do you want to have time for your family, your hobbies or to search for enlightenment? Splendid! We don’t want anyone to live in the office. Work is work, but life - that’s what matters.

Remote working

We spend too much time on our daily commute. Office space and lots of people around do not always help in getting things done, especially if the tasks require peace and silence. That’s why we introduced remote work option. Stay at home, drink morning coffee, perform efficiently and walk your dog in the meantime. It works, we’ve checked! …and during winter time we migth work somewhere warm?


We build and want to keep building a well tuned team. We meet regularly on a weekly basis and also conduct one on ones. We believe we all should be on the same page regarding team’s and individual’s work, plans and needs. We are a strong, loyal and committed team that you can count on. We spend ⅓ of our lives together - good relations are of great importance.

Good food. Together.

We are what we eat. Good food makes us feel better. And helps build better relations. There are always fresh fruits and healthy snacks in the office. And once a week we eat a meal together. Even though we often choose something a little bit less healthy like a pizza, the ritual is what matters most. Everyone has a Multisport card, so they can make up for this small cheat-day at a gym or a swimming pool :)



Naturaily pairs experience with speed to achieve the best effectiveness. Staying in touch with the product owner, our team working agile, and always keeping in mind client’s guidelines, makes for efficient product development. We assemble a team of experts and set up all the necessary tools in order to deliver a great product as quickly as possible.


If you need seasoned developers with fresh minds - look no further. Our team of experts might already have many years of experience under their belts, but are still constantly perfecting their craft and striving for excellence. Every day brings us new challenges to overcome. Each task expands our knowledge, which we later use to efficiently deliver reliable digital products.


We don't always stick to the plan. Why, you might ask? Well, everything depends on your goals and your project. We look for the way that is best for you and we adapt as needed. Do you want to test our working product? No problem! We will make sure not to waste your time and money.


In today’s markets, timing is of great importance. We need to deliver quickly. Speed is a result of ability to focus on the right things and experience gained from years of practice. Mind you, we never sacrifice quality for speed... unless that’s what you really want.

You don’t have to take our word for it.
Check for yourself.