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01 Case-studies

These Companies Have Already Field-Tested
the Abilities of PWA Technology



The company focused on international growth. They wanted to improve a 1% conversion rate and decided to invest in a PWA to get things done. Pinterest rebuilt its mobile web experience in just three months!



The mCommerce sector is growing rapidly, so the retail giant decided to improve its users' experience to get even more profit. Thanks to PWA technology, Aliexpress increased conversion rates by 104%!



trivago invests in Progressive Web App to create a better, more stable mobile experience. As a result, more than half a million people have added the trivago site to their home screen, and their engagement has increased by 150%.



OLX has analyzed users' behavior on their mobile site and realized that the experience was too slow, so they turned to PWA technology, and the results were great: 80% lower bounce rates, 146% higher CTR on Ads and 250% more re-engagement.



Forbes used PWA to create its new mobile app and send push notifications about new, relevant content and deliver visuals faster. As a result, readers stay longer and see more advertisements.

02 About PWA

What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Applications, created by Google, are a deck of APIs that allow for creating fast, reliable, and engaging digital products that have the crucial functionalities of both web page and mobile apps. This includes offline access, push notifications, home screen shortcuts, and accessibility through a regular mobile browser.

Progressive Web Applications

As Google says, PWAs make it easy to delight your users, grow engagement, and increase conversion. PWAs may take the place of native and hybrid apps because they are fast (unlike hybrid apps) and use a single code base for all platforms, as opposed to native apps.

  • Instant loading

    Even when the network connection is weak.

  • Responsiveness

    Fast response to all user's actions.

  • Attractiveness

    Native app experience and instant updates.

03 Benefits

The Benefits of Using
Progressive Web Applications

  • faster loading
  • increase user engagement and conversion rates
  • basic metrics improvement (e.g., time to interactive)
  • offline access
  • reduce upfront download costs
  • push notifications
  • reduce network transmissions
  • better performance in poor network conditions
  • improve user experiences

Tell us what your goals are


Why Should You Use Progressive Web Apps?

Users chafe at the bit, so site speeds are crucial for online businesses to succeed. Even 50% of mobile visits are abandoned if the site is loading longer than three seconds. PWAs are fast, and that is one of their main advantages.

Every internet connection has its ups and downs and very often depends on the location. A PWA works even when offline, so users can enjoy a stable experience even when they have temporary problems with the internet. Choosing a PWA is a win-win-win situation. Businesses, users, and developers all benefit from this technology. To name a few plus points:

Shorter time-to-market

PWA gives the chance to develop a web page and a mobile app much faster and cheaper.

Mobile-first approach

The app can be installed directly from the browser, so there’s no need for app aggregators, such as Google Play, AppStore, etc.

Faster implementation

Thanks to one code base for all platforms and SEO-friendliness.

04 Services

What Naturaily's PWA Experts
Can Do for You?

  • Discovery Session

    3-day workshops with your team and our PWA developers, UX designer and other necessary experts that help to set your business goals.

  • Proof of Concept

    The best way to be 100% sure that your product is what the market is waiting for is to create an MVP (minimum viable product) using the fast prototyping method.

  • PWA Development

    All hands on deck! UX/UI designer, software developers, QA engineer and product manager work on your product to deliver it fast and flawlessly.

05 PWA in practice

PWA vs m-Dot - Crucial Differences

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06 Useful tools & sources

PWA Development Tools

Progressive Web App Checklist

Google has drawn up this checklist to help all teams create the best possible experience. We hold on to it to be sure that we deliver high quality solutions.
The full checklist is available here.


This is an open-source tool that Naturaily's developers use to audit web apps for PWA features. It eliminates much of the manual testing and helps to improve the quality of created Progressive Web Apps.

07 Predictions

Our PWA Predictions

PWAs aim to disrupt the mobile app paradigm by bridging the web experience with native app functionality, by using the latest browser technologies to meld the accessibility of the web with the presence of the mobile app.

Jason Wong

- Jason Wong, VP, Research & Advisory at Gartner

Gartner also predicts that, by 2020, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will replace 50% of consumer-facing apps, given their ability to meld the accessibility of the web with the features of native apps. With cross-browser support and compatibility with mobile-friendly frameworks, such as Vue.js, React and Preact, and Angular, we can expect to see PWAs become a standard for mobile web strategy.

The wider move toward a progressive web will begin in earnest over the next year. More organizations have come to appreciate the revenue risk of getting left behind and have begun to prepare for a PWA push between now and 2025.

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