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AWN - Consulting Workshops for E-commerce Optimization

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About AWN

AWN is one of the oldest companies in Germany and one of the largest boat and yacht suppliers in Europe. The company sells yacht accessories, motorboats and boat accessories, not only in Germany, but also in Austria, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and 5 other European countries.

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The goal

The client needed us to help them identify the right path to improve their store’s conversion rates and raise overall sales. To handle the process of migrating their Magento store to Shopify successfully, they decided to also ask Naturaily to support them in major redesign changes.

Naturaily CEO

The challenge

AWN has so far been operating its e-commerce activity on a Magento store, which caused a couple of issues when it came to scaling the platform. Some of the most critical involved struggling with an outdated Magento version, difficulties coming from no investment in code maintenance for years, bad server response times from massive loads, and poor Google feed generation for online marketing.

They decided to migrate their store to the Shopify Plus system, which allows for easy upgrades, no code modifications and optimized design. When planning the migration for their main store, they approached Naturaily to support them in major redesign changes, environment setup and merge support.



As the first step of the cooperation with AWN, we performed consulting workshops, including:



Managing the project’s issues

  • 01

    Backend Magento-to-Shopify migration

  • 02

    Outdated design of the store

  • 03

    Poor conversion level


Technological support and developer’s instructions

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We have recommended using ready-made Shopify apps to manage data migration. On top of that custom integrations for full migration to ensure no data was lost.


Full page redesign

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Thanks to the redesign of the main page, product page and category page, the whole website has gained a new, more modern and functional character. Importantly, customers get easy access to valuable information, such as promotions and product availability.


Solutions that can boost the conversion

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Thanks to our recommendations, such as adding a social proof (client’s reviews) and improving the product page (easy access to payment and delivery details), the number of users reaching the checkout has increased both on mobile and desktop.

Naturaily experts involved in the project

  • 1

    Shopify Specialist

  • 2

    Backend Developer

  • 3

    Frontend Developer

  • 4

    UX/UI Designer



The result of the e-commerce workshops with AWN was delivered as a comprehensive report that includes all of the data, research insights and optimization recommendations. We are also conducting the German store’s redesign and working on implementing these recommendations:

  • UX product page and category page optimization
  • Review collection processes implementation
  • PWA/Storefront technology implementation that improve the page load speed and SEO positioning.
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Naturaily Head of Growth

The AWN case study is an example of our optimization-oriented workshop for e-commerce Do you want to improve your business, no matter its specifics, in a similar way?

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