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LingoHub - Translation Management for Software

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About LingoHub

LingoHub is a platform that lets hundreds of teams manage their software translations easily. What they get is a complex yet simple app they can use for translating, storing and managing the content - all in one place.

The tool offers a complex software translation service - from building a personalized Term Base to translating and file release. To make the process even more painless, LingoHub integrates with lots of tools used by developers and professional translators.

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The goal

LingoHub’s CEO used to experience the pains of the translation process while working as a software developer for various tech companies. His company enables to help software creators bring their products to a broader multilingual audience. By providing them a simple solution for managing the translation part, our client allows them to focus on building great software for their customers.

LingoHub CEO

Helmut Juskewycz

CEO of LingoHub


The challenge

The biggest hurdle the Naturaily team had to face in the LingoHub project was undoubtedly rewriting the existing part of the app from Angular to Vue.js.

As Vue.js notes much better runtime performance, which makes is easier to optimize and also provides higher customizability, all of the new features are being developed in Vue, making it the main frontend language of the app.



Some of the new LingoHub features:

The new Editor

  • securing higher translation quality faster
  • spotting deficiencies and errors easier - particularly relevant if the app is being translated into many languages
  • implementing built-up tools, such as machine translations, machine learning, versioning option, teamworking and many others
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Customized Term Base

  • allowing users to easily share key terms, standardized translations and definitions with the rest of the team
  • enabling text consistency across various projects
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Team management tools

  • enabling managers to assign team roles and manage the permissions
  • easier project and organization management
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Native GitHub workflow

  • developing an opportunity to plugin GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket and do the pulls, pushes and PRs directly on the files
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Technological stack

Experts involved in the project

  • 1

    Backend Developers

  • 2

    Frontend Developer

  • 3

    Marketing Specialist

  • 4

    UX/UI Designer


The results

Naturaily developers, alongside the rest of the LingoHub team, created a successful online translation platform that helps developers, project managers, and, simply, software makers create great products and deliver them to a broader audience from the entire world.

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Helmut Juskewycz

The team provides high-quality development deliverables.

Helmut Juskewycz

CEO of LingoHub

The team provides high-quality development deliverables, producing an excellent platform that perfectly meets the requirements. They are responsive, collaborative, and professional, keeping up with the project management at all times and ensuring they fix any problems quickly.

Naturaily Head of Growth

LingoHub is an example of a software translation platform Do you want to build a similar solution for your business?

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