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Artinfo The Web App for Live Art Auctions

ArtInfo mobile screen

About Artinfo

Artinfo is an art-center portal, operating since 2000. From the start, it has been the main source of information for collectors, art dealers, investors and art lovers. It has a vast archive containing all the necessary data about past auctions and their results. The artworks base exceeds 400,000 pieces.

More than just an information page, Artinfo is also a broker between auction houses and art lovers who wanted to take part in the auction. Bidding orders were received by phone, which generated a lot of work for the entire team.

artinfo screens

The goal

We have always wanted to be an innovative company, stay the market leader and provide our clients with services at the highest level.

Observing what is happening on world markets, we decided to create an application that will bring a new quality to the world of art auctions.

Rafal Kamecki

Artinfo founder

artinfo founder

The challenge

Artinfo was a home for over thousands of data, much of it 10 years old, and the database was in MySQL.

We needed that data to create Artinfo Live, so we decided to migrate it all to more performant PostgreSQL database, rich with features.

Simultaneously, we also started the new web application development process. The requirements were clear, we had to create an easy-to-use platform for handling online real-time bidding during auctions. Consequently, the main challenges were stability and fast data processing.

PostgreSQL PostgreSQL


Some of the new Artinfo’s features

Live art auctions
(Artinfo Live)

  • take part in real-time bidding and buy the artwork online
  • get instant access to the offers of many auction houses
live auction screen

search engine

  • check which artworks of your favorite artists are available
  • look through many online catalogues from different auction houses
search feature screen

User admin panel

  • create a list of your favorite artists (the Wishlist) and receive e-mail notifications when their artworks appear in auctions
  • select and observe interesting art pieces
  • check archived auction results
user admin panel screen

Technological stack

Naturaily experts involved in the project

  • 1

    Ruby on Rails Developers

  • 2

    Vue.js Developers

  • 3

    UX/UI Designer

  • 4

    QA Engineer

  • 5

    Project Manager



Other effects are:

  • The number of visitors on Artinfo website has increased.
  • More and more art enthusiasts are interested in buying art online.
  • The process of auction storing has been significantly optimized.
  • Artinfo can now easily monetize the archives and acquire new customers.
  • More and more artworks are sold for record prices.

Thanks to online bidding, participation in auctions has become much simpler, more convenient and attractive. Our clients do not have to come to Warsaw or any other Polish city to take part in the auction. What's more, they have permanent, unlimited access to all information from the world of art.

piece of art photo


artinfo founder

Artinfo is a market leader and a trusted institution, so we work only with the best

Rafal Kamecki

Artinfo founder

I was looking for a reputable company at a high level of technological advancement. The project was demanding, and I need to be sure that my partner has enough resources, knowledge, and experience to deal with something of this magnitude. I chose Naturaily because they are professionals, and I am satisfied with this cooperation.

Opinions of Artinfo users are very positive, which is why I can safely say that we have succeeded.

Naturaily Head of Growth

Artinfo is an example of the performant web marketplace Do you want to build an analogous solution suited to your industry needs?

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