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Let’s meet

Dajemy Slowo is a content marketing and copywriting agency offering both Polish and English services. The team, compromising both energetic copywriters and marketing specialists alike, combine their knowledge of effective marketing techniques with creative flair and passion.

Since 2013, Dajemy Slowo has helped customers in a diverse range of fields, from the IT and telecommunications sectors to logistics, finances and medicine. Every client receives unique and impactful communication to best reach their customers, and the means to match!

Dajemyslowo screens

What the client wanted to achieve

For Dajemy Slowo’s owners, their website is important part of doing business. It attracts customers and is a vital component of the business funnel. As such, they wanted to improve a number of key areas.

The most important of these was security and stability. After a previous WordPress vulnerability, Dajemy Slowo wanted a website that was up to date, stable and highly secure.

Of course, the performance was equally important. When it comes to both performance and increasing leads, mobile optimization was a key priority. Dajemy Slowo did their research and knew that 42% of traffic came from mobile devices, so a mobile-friendly update would be essential for improving lead conversions.

From a practical point of view, there was also a need to remove reliance on developers. As a team of content specialists, the ability to edit content on their own was an essential requirement - all while maintaining the previous security challenges.

Finally, as a creative agency, Dajemy Slowo’s owners wanted to show they were up to date with modern trends. A new website means a new design, and the agency had plenty of ideas on how to best ensure a strong first impression with potential new clients. Such an opportunity would not be missed. needed to establish the agency’s position in a new digital era: enthusiastic, highly performant and incredibly user-friendly!

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What we had to face

Dajemy Slowo’s previous website was built on WordPress in 2013. Naturally identified this as the biggest risk for the company - the version used had vulnerabilities that impacted the security of the website.

In this case, it could lead to SEO issues, as Google actively black lists websites when they develop such issues. So, aside from a drop in performance and an unpleasant experience for visitors, such a potential risk could lead to a drop in SERP visibility - and therefore overall exposure to new clients - completely. Such an issue could not be solved through optimization alone; only a more secure choice of platform.

Aside from these known vulnerabilities, this also presented some additional challenges for the agency. Most notably, many parts of the website were ‘hard-coded’ - requiring developer assistance just to make content-level changes. This meant all marketing activities, from landing pages to modifying existing parts of the offer, required external help, preventing the agency from adapting as quickly and freely as they would like.

Finally, we had to tackle the issue of performance. As a team of creatives, Dajemy Slowo knew they wanted elegant animations and an uncompromising visual treatment for their new website. This, paired with the drive to perform better on mobile, meant that there were many factors to consider when it came to even choosing the right technologies.


How we chose the stack and strategy