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Job offer

Regular Frontend Developer (React/Jamstack)


9 000 - 17 000 PLN net + VAT + 20 paid days off (B2B)

Wroclaw Remote

Software house is a multi-element puzzle. For ten years, we have been successfully constructing the team of people with matching characters and skills, which resulted in a truly beautiful picture. Only one piece is missing. We believe it is you, Naturaily.

You need to know that we value individuality, professionalism, open communication and honesty. We strive to provide our clients with the best, stable, reliable and beautiful digital products. Check out the services we offer and some of our latest case studies.

Naturaily truly is a reliable software development company. We know that, and we need the world to know it too. Do you have an idea how to spread the word? We are waiting for you!

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Your duties

  • developing fast and safe websites & progressive web apps (jamstack based)
  • developing beautiful, award-winning websites with React
  • building successful frontends for web and mobile Products With React.js for our clients
  • developing web-based interface that have reusable components, and are both functional and highly-responsive
  • working and collaborating with our great team members (project managers, engineers, designers, product owners)
  • predicting and adapting to user interactions
  • writing clean and easily maintainable code

What you can expect from us is

  • the possibility to work with clients from around the world representing, among other industries: art, e-commerce, energy, and construction
  • to be a part of a team that strives for the best solutions for client and project itself
  • to have the freedom of action
  • to have a real impact on the company's development trends
  • the software needed to deliver good results
  • bottom-up decision making culture
  • access to Worksmile platform which is offering a lot of benefits to choose from (Multisport card / private health insurance / workshops / travel / shopping and much, much more)
  • the flexibility of working hours
  • a nice office in the heart of Wroclaw surrounded by cafés, restaurants, art galleries, etc.
  • appreciation for responsibility, initiative, and efficiency
  • regularly replenished corporate library
  • integration meetings & trips
  • full remote work
  • 20 paid days off
  • psychologist support

We need you to be

  • Commercially experienced in developing interfaces using React.js (min. 3 years)
  • Deep understanding of state management patterns and solutions (e.g. redux, redux-saga)
  • Experienced with Static Site Generators, like Next.js, Gatsby, Hugo or others
  • Experienced with integrating Headless CMS (like Sanity, Storyblok, ContentFul or others) with Jamstack sites
  • Experienced in HTML5, CSS3, Webpack
  • Experienced in RWD and mobile-first approach
  • Experienced in working with GIT in commercial projects
  • Knowledgeable in Lodash, Underscore and other popular libraries
  • Proficient in English - both in writing and speaking
  • Familiar with good coding habits: good naming, testable functions, readable code
  • Paying attention to details

It would be great if you

  • Have knowledge of serverless architecture
  • Are familiar with tools like Zeplin/InVision/Sketch/Figma or other
  • Have experience with consuming GraphQL APIs
  • Have gained knowledge of app optimization and performance
  • Have experience with devOps work (docker, CI & CD tools)
  • Have experience working in Scrum and Kanban process
  • Have strong motivation for taking action and delivering results
  • Are a great communicator and let the team and clients know about challenges as soon as they appear

There is a little more!

Being resilient means a lot to us!

Our company is scaling rapidly on a daily basis. Therefore, we need to see you are comfortable with the pace of changes we are going through and excited about the new challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

We appreciate your thirst for knowledge

Both Naturaily and its employees are subject to a constant learning process. The awareness of how much there is still for you to learn is of great value both to the team and the entire company.

Working at Naturaily is a great idea because

You will be proud of your work

We place a high priority on high-quality code and lack of technical dept.

You will work on a wide range of projects

You will be involved in projects tailored to your level of expertise.

You will choose your work style

You can be a part of a bigger team or work alone, if you prefer.

You will grow along with the company

You can be a team leader in a chosen technology or you can share your knowledge & experience during in-company Tech-Friday.