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React.js Development Services

React.js is a powerful JavaScript library that helps build apps with beautiful interfaces and memorable user experience. We use it to deliver awesome digital products for various industries.

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01 What is React

Introduction to React.js

A number of great companies and products utilize React in their projects, bringing excellent results in terms of performance and development speed. Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, New York Times and Dropbox are just a few of them.

Choosing the Right Technology
for Unique Applications

React was both created and later developed at Facebook. Since its launch in 2013, it has taken the JavaScript community by storm. It helps to build beautiful, interactive apps with an outstanding performance that gives users a native-like experience. React.js is still maintained by Facebook and has gained millions of developers and hundreds of contributors.

React.js will help you build fast single-page applications or websites. It has a very simple API, which frees your application logic from being necessarily forced to rely on one framework. React.js also makes use of virtual DOM, making it easy to integrate it with any other app. Additionally it stands out with how SEO-friendly the pages are, particularly when compared to other JS libraries, thanks to JSX being adopted to structural components.

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02 Why use React

Expand Your Business with Powerful Cross-Platform React.js Applications

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    Time-Efficient Development Process

    The React team is continuously improving their product. Even now, the library allows developers to efficiently create application components and reuse them in various slots of the project. This DRY approach pushes higher code quality while reducing the amount of required code, thus making the development process much faster.

  • 02

    Enhanced User Experience

    React.js, being a JavaScript library, has found its way onto many modern devices - it’s a very good solution for cross-platform applications. React offers a unique and very efficient way of updating the view as it can update separate components only when state changes are detected, making it a viable solution for SPAs and PWAs.

  • 03

    SEO-Friendly Solutions

    With the right tools and developers, React.js applications can easily become SEO friendly. React offers server-side rendering, which returns the Virtual DOM to the client-side. As Google pushes fast website rendering times to maintain good SERP ranks, this feature ensures high SEO performance.

  • 04

    High-Performance Applications

    React’s goal is to provide the best web rendering performance. Given the amount of utility and features React has, it is very performant compared to other similar solutions, with snappy applications and very low loading times guaranteed.

  • 05

    Supportive React Community

    React.js technology comes with a community of passionate developers who constantly contribute to its growth. A development team working on an app can rely on tools nd resources provided by top React experts and tech giants like Facebook.

03 Success story

Snipsl Case Study: Combining React and Redux for an Engaging Book Sharing Platform

snipsl screens

Snipsl is a platform for sharing books and stories for both readers and authors. Successful cooperation has resulted in over 5,000 active users, 900 books published by 500 authors, and a great online shop.

See how Naturaily helped Snipsl make a well working product out of a black hole.

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Naturaily is a team of excellent developers that managed to improve and support our product which, at the time, had no documentation left by the previous team.

Since the collaboration with Naturaily is very successful, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for professional developers.

Joachim Schneider

Snipsl by Siqnet

Joachim Schneider

04 React.js examples

What is React.js Used for?

With React being the top JavaScript framework, the number of companies incorporating React.js into their stack is on the rise. So too are the use cases for this versatile technology, with following being just an example:

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05 About us

Boost Your Project with our Expert React Development Team

Naturaily is a company with over 12 years of experience in web development,

including both good old technologies like Ruby on Rails and innovative JavaScript frameworks like Node.js, Vue.js, React.js, and others.

We lead our partners through every stage of product development - from the consulting and composing an MVP, through the design and development, to scaling and support.

The members of the Naturaily team combine the level of professionalism, experience, and collaboration that is hard to find in today’s technology landscape.

Adam McGowan

CEO of Firefield

Adam McGowan

06 The process

Win the App Market with React

At Naturaily, we use the combination of Scrum and Kanban methodology to deliver digital products that generate value to companies and users. Our agile development teams aim to take your project to market in the shortest time possible - test it, iterate, and finally, develop a scalable product.

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07 Services

Comprehensive React Development Services

Naturaily is a full-service team of experts, bringing our clients the business, creative and technical skills they need to succeed. We will help you get your product get to users in every aspect - from ideation, evaluation, and design to the promotion itself.

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Benefits of Working with our React.js Development Team

Along with comprehensive software development services, our team is distinguished by a creative and individual approach to the implementation of each project.

We are here to help you at every stage of the process, from consulting and discovery sessions, through development, to support and maintenance.

Experienced and professional, the team delivered work quickly without sacrificing quality. Naturaily led a smooth workflow with minimal onboarding and without issues with time differences.

Brooke Acchione

Vice President of Operations at Retention Rocket

brooke acchione

The quality of Naturaily’s code and documentation has been exceptional.

Geoff Hucker

CEO Work for Impact

geoff hucker

We're particularly happy with how easy they are to work with and how solid their deliveries are.

Soheil Dabestani

CEO & Co-Founder, Diffia

geoff hucker

Working with Naturaily has been a pleasure from the very beginning of the project and throughout our continuous cooperation on the development of our product suite. The Naturaily team has a vision as well as a dynamic approach to getting the project completed. They have shown EA Technology how good they are, achieving outcomes that far exceeded the initial project scope. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are always willing to make things right.

Chris Lowsley

Director of LV Solutions at EA Technology

brooke acchione

08 FAQ

Determining if React.js is the Right Choice for Your Project

  • 01

    What is the Future of React?

    Facebook constantly improves React with new updates, libraries, and documentation. For example, in 2019, they introduced revolutionary React Hooks functions and Concurrent Mode, which improves responsiveness by rendering component trees with no blocking for main threads. All of this shows that React’s developers constantly work on great improvements to ensure React’s bright future.

  • 02

    Why I Should Use a JavaScript Library in my Project?

    Using a JavaScript library to build an application greatly reduces the time needed to achieve the desired complexity of an app than using just JavaScript. Libraries increase productiveness highly, making them a great choice if your application is going to scale in the future.

    What’s more, JavaScript frameworks ensure that all the developers must follow one convention, which makes the code clearer and easier to manage by future team members.

  • 03

    What Other Services Do You Offer?

    We excel in software development, web development, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, e-commerce development, Shopify development & integrations.

  • 04

    When Can You Start Working on my Project?

    Our accessibility ranges from “right away” to 6-8 weeks, depending on our teams’ work status.

Naturaily Head of Growth

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