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Retention Rocket - a Marketing Platform for E-commerce Businesses

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About Retention Rocket

Retention Rocket is a SaaS marketing automation platform that works with e-commerce companies on platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

Its features include cart abandonment solutions, an SMS list builder, outbound promotions and much more, letting marketers increase revenue and run better data-driven campaigns.


The goal

Retention Rocket aims to help e-commerce stores increase retention, reduce marketing costs and improve the customer experience by sending him or her the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Naturaily CEO

The challenge

The platform works by integrating different third-party services that communicate in different ways, so the biggest challenge was to figure out the information transfer and processing stream.

Some of Retention Rocket’s features are built upon its integration with an external app - Gorgias. It sends emails to the e-commerce customers who abandoned their cart before completing the purchase.

Retention Rocket uses it to let marketers also send SMSs and start a thread on a business owner’s Slack channel. Our task was to implement the elements to work smoothly and display the content perfectly on every channel.

Retention Rocket project structure


Some of Retention Rocket features:

SMS messaging upon Gorgias integration

  • transferring the Gorgias cart abandonment emails to Retention Rocket’s CRM, which takes the content and sends it as an SMS
  • automated discount messages
  • customer service chat integration
retention rocket screen

Slack integration

  • creating the Retention Rocket Bot that starts a new thread when a customer replies to a message automatically sent to them
  • creating a system that transfers the Slack message sent by the marketer to the right customer and through the right channel
  • improving communication with customers
retention rocket screen integration

  • rewarding customers for engaging in SMS conversations
  • building long-lasting relationships with customers
team photo

Technological stack + integrations

Experts involved in the project

  • 1

    2 Frontend Developers

  • 2

    2 Backend Developers


The results

Naturaily created a successful SaaS platform that helps e-commerce marketers make the most of their sales prospects and optimize their sales funnel. Connecting the app with Slack and other tools made maintaining active relationships with customers easy and painless.

Retention Rocket screens


I would highly recommend working with Naturaily for any Ruby development needs.

Brooke Acchione

VP of Operations of Retention Rocket

Brooke Acchione

Experienced and professional, the team delivered work quickly without sacrificing quality. Naturaily led a smooth workflow with minimal onboarding and without issues with time differences.

Naturaily Head of Growth

Retention Rocket is an example of a multichannel SaaS platform Do you want to build a similar solution for your business?

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