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Bringing your business to the digital market with battle-tested modern development tools. With a proven process and commitment to the highest quality, we deliver stable, scalable and beautiful web products that will enable you to achieve your goals.

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Whether you are about to build your future product from scratch or upgrade an existing one, releasing a successful digital product is always quite a challenge.

You need to get to know your users best to answer their needs, design an exceptional user experience, apply the right technology set and create a stable product that will win the market. And, first of all, you need to choose a solid tech partner.

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Web development projects

Digitizing the process of art auctions for Artinfo

Artinfo provides users and auction houses with an easy to use platform that enables real-time bidding.

It is also an amazing base of news and information about Europe’s art market. With the art market evolving, Artinfo was seeking an opportunity to expand and improve the service for their users. We decided to optimize the purchase process, which used to be held via email or phone.

This resulted in an increased number of customers interested in buying art online.

  • 75k+

    unique users/month

  • 16k+

    registered users

  • 30k+

    registered artists

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artinfo founder

Artinfo is a market leader and a trusted institution, so we work only with the best

Rafal Kamecki

Artinfo founder

I was looking for a reputable company at a high level of technological advancement. The project was demanding, and I need to be sure that my partner has enough resources, knowledge, and experience to deal with something of this magnitude. I chose Naturaily because they are professionals, and I am satisfied with this cooperation.

Opinions of Artinfo users are very positive, which is why I can safely say that we have succeeded.


The right development company gives you the right results

Maximize the potential of your idea with custom-build, innovative and scalable solutions.

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Web development services


Ruby on Rails

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Ruby on Rails is one of the most mature web development languages on the market. It allows web applications and websites to be built as fast as possible, which makes it a perfect technology for prototyping and startup projects.

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React was released by the tech giant Facebook in 2013 and has become one of the most popular web development frameworks in history. It enables developers to build interactive apps with great performances that create native-like experiences for their users.

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Node.js is a powerful backend framework that lets you build server-side applications in JavaScript. Its event-driven architecture makes it perfect for projects that require high performance, scalability and fast development.

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Vue.js is a JavaScript progressive web development framework that is known for its ability to create fast and reliable web apps quickly, thanks to its rich ecosystem. Vue is also the perfect choice when you want your app to scale easily, as well as integrate it with other libraries - like Rails - and build more advanced Single Page Applications.

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Our partners about Naturaily team

Chris Lowsley

Working with Naturaily has been a pleasure from the very beginning of the project...

Chris Lowsley

Director LV Solutions at EA Technology

Working with Naturaily has been a pleasure from the very beginning of the project ...and throughout our continuous cooperation on the development of our product suite. The Naturaily team has a vision as well as a dynamic approach to getting the project completed.

They have shown EA Technology how good they are, achieving outcomes that far exceeded the initial project scope. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are always willing to make things right.

Web development services

Progressive Web Application Development

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Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) technology lets you develop interactive, fast and reliable digital products that combine the essential functionalities of both a website and a mobile app, like offline access, push notifications and the ability to be accessed through a mobile browser.

PWA’s instant loading, great responsiveness and native app experience make it easy to grow engagement on your app and increase conversions.

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Web development services

Jamstack Development

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Jamstack is a modern revolutionary approach to building websites, PWAs, and e-commerce stores, combining the advantages of a static website while keeping the dynamic attributes. As a result, it enables developers to build fast and secure sites with great user experience, which gives you a great SEO advantage.

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Web development services

SaaS Development

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Software as a Service is a sales model based on a subscription and a centralized hosting. SaaS development has become one of the most frequently applied business tactics for software products. If your company is about to offer your software to users, an SaaS application may be the best choice because of its maintenance, licensing and security options.

About us

Hire an experienced web development team

Choosing the right software development partner results in the continuity and stable progress of your project.

Naturaily is a web development team with over 12 years of experience. We help companies grow at each stage of product development - from strategic consulting, prototyping and design, to development, scaling and support.

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Our process

Get your product to the market fast

At Naturaily, we use the combination of Scrum and Kanban methodologies to deliver digital products that generate value to companies and users.

Our agile development teams aim to take your project to market in the shortest time possible - we test it, iterate and, finally, develop a scalable product.

Web consulting and development experts

You will be up to date with our proven work and communication “Scrumban” process

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    The Scrum element of our process. Usually, we work in 2-week sprints. Each sprint has a goal to deliver some piece of functionality at the end of the iteration. When the development work is over for the sprint, the team spends together approximately 2-hours on planning the next steps.

  • kanban icon


    The Kanban board always reflects the current state of the development process. From To-Do to On Stage, developers are responsible for managing their tasks. After the branch is merged to development, it is the responsibility of the QA and PM to see if everything works as it should, as well as schedule and confirm deployment on the production environment.

  • slack icon


    If any obstacles appear, or some requirements need to be precise, we will immediately alert you about it on the Slack channel. This is also where information about the current state of the project is shared among the team members.

Learn more about how we work and check our rates!

presentation cover
Adam McGowan

The members of the Naturaily team combine the level of professionalism, experience and collaboration that is hard to find in today’s technology landscape.

Adam McGowan

CEO of Firefield

Web development blog

Our web developers share their knowledge and experience


All you want to ask about web development

  • 01

    What is frontend web development?

    The frontend development refers to the part of the web application users interact with after loading it. It is everything that you see navigating around the Internet, from the content, fonts, sliders, buttons and how you interact with it.

    This all is written in three codes - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - and then read by your browser.

  • 02

    What is backend web development?

    Backend web development controls the part you don’t directly see in a web application. The backend of a web product typically consists of a server, an application and a database. Backend web developers build technology that powers the components and enables frontend developers to create client-side features (or, the frontend).

    Backend scripts are written in different coding languages and frameworks, like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, Node.js, or Python.

  • 03

    What is full-stack web development?

    Full-stack development means the development of both frontend (client-side development), and the backend (server-side development) of the application.

    A full-stack web developer has the functional knowledge to build an entire web application or a website - from the server part and databases to designing user interaction with the product.

  • 04

    When can you start working on my project?

    Our accessibility ranges from “right away” to 6-8 weeks, depending on our teams’ work status.

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