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Vue.js Development Services

Building an app takes time. Speed it up with Vue.js - a technology we use to deliver performant and lightweight applications in no time.

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01 What is Vue.js

Introduction to Vue.js

Vue.js is a dynamic JavaScript framework designed to craft seamless web interfaces. Renowned for its agility and customizable nature, Vue.js empowers developers to bring projects of all sizes to life swiftly, without compromising on performance or stability.

Originating from the creative mind of Evan You, a former Google engineer, Vue.js was conceived with a clear vision. Drawing inspiration from Angular's best features, Evan You aspired to forge a streamlined framework that is both powerful and accessible. Since its debut, which closely followed the release of Facebook's React, Vue.js has earned accolades from a global community of developers and organizations for its user-friendly approach and robust capabilities.

Whether you're building a small interactive application or a large-scale enterprise solution, Vue.js offers a versatile toolkit to meet your needs with precision and efficiency. Join the wave of developers who have harnessed Vue.js to elevate their web development projects to new heights.

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02 Why use Vue.js

Create Fast and Lightweight Vue.js Apps

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    Efficient and Lightweight Framework

    At its core, Vue.js is exceptionally compact, with a size that can be reduced to a mere 18 Kb. This feather-light footprint is notably less than that of React, which is nearly double the size. The advantage of Vue.js's slender build is that it allows your applications to run with remarkable speed and efficiency. Additionally, Vue.js is designed for conciseness, often requiring significantly less coding than React.js to accomplish the same tasks. This results in a development process that is not only more straightforward but also faster, enabling you to deliver high-quality applications with minimal overhead.

  • 02

    High-Performance Applications

    Vue.js stands out as a high-speed contender in the landscape of JavaScript frameworks. It consistently outpaces rivals like React and Angular, making it the go-to choice for developers who prioritize performance. If you're seeking an edge in application speed and responsiveness, Vue.js is a clear frontrunner. Its streamlined design and efficient update mechanisms ensure that your applications not only load quickly but also deliver smooth and reactive user experiences. By choosing Vue.js, you're setting the stage for a product that operates swiftly and efficiently, keeping users engaged and satisfied.

  • 03

    Rapid and Agile Development

    Vue.js accelerates the development journey with its intuitive syntax that developers find remarkably user-friendly. This ease of use streamlines debugging and simplifies the interaction with the framework, making the development cycle swift and painless. It's an excellent choice for businesses that prioritize speed and fluidity in their development process, enabling them to move from concept to completion with unparalleled agility. With Vue.js, you can expect a faster turnaround for your projects while maintaining high quality and a smooth user experience.

  • 04

    Versatile and Flexible Solutions

    Vue.js stands out in the landscape of web development frameworks due to its unobtrusive and adaptable nature. Unlike other more prescriptive solutions, Vue.js offers you the flexibility to mold your project precisely to your vision. Whether you're starting fresh with a robust Single Page Application or seeking to enhance an existing application, Vue.js seamlessly integrates according to your project's specific needs. It's this level of versatility that allows Vue.js to accommodate a wide range of development scenarios, providing developers with the freedom to innovate without constraints.

03 Success story

LVCloud: IoT App with Vue.js Frontend

lvcloud screens

LVCloud is an app for monitoring electricity grids. We combined new technologies, such as Machine Learning, with Vue.js for the frontend to create an IoT app that detects and solves issues with electricity networks.

If any threads for the grid appear, such as too high humidity or cables in a poor state, specialists can trace them in the app.

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Client Testimonial

Working with Naturaily has been a pleasure from the very beginning of the project...

Chris Lowsley

Director – LV Solutions at EA Technology

Chris Lowsley

Working with Naturaily has been a pleasure from the very beginning of the project and throughout our continuous cooperation on the development of our product suite. The Naturaily team has a vision as well as a dynamic approach to getting the project completed. They have showed EA Technology how good they are, achieving outcomes that far exceeded the initial project scope.

Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are always willing to make things right.

04 About us

Expert Vue.js Development Team for Hire

Naturaily is a company with over 12 years of experience in web development.

We combine 12+ years of web development expertise with cutting-edge technology to drive your business success. Our seasoned development professionals are adept in a full spectrum of web technologies, including the timeless Ruby on Rails and a suite of modern JavaScript frameworks such as Node.js, Vue.js, React.js, and more.

As a dedicated Vue.js development team, we offer specialized services that cater to your unique business needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive comprehensive support at every phase of your product's lifecycle—from strategic consulting and prototyping to design, development, scaling, and ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of Working with our Team

Along with comprehensive software development services, our team is distinguished by a creative and individual approach to the implementation of each project.

We are here to help you at every stage of the process, from consulting and discovery sessions, through development, to support and maintenance.

Experienced and professional, the team delivered work quickly without sacrificing quality. Naturaily led a smooth workflow with minimal onboarding and without issues with time differences.

Brooke Acchione

Vice President of Operations at Retention Rocket

brooke acchione

The quality of Naturaily’s code and documentation has been exceptional.

Geoff Hucker

CEO Work for Impact

geoff hucker

We're particularly happy with how easy they are to work with and how solid their deliveries are.

Soheil Dabestani

CEO & Co-Founder, Diffia

geoff hucker

Working with Naturaily has been a pleasure from the very beginning of the project and throughout our continuous cooperation on the development of our product suite. The Naturaily team has a vision as well as a dynamic approach to getting the project completed. They have shown EA Technology how good they are, achieving outcomes that far exceeded the initial project scope. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are always willing to make things right.

Chris Lowsley

Director of LV Solutions at EA Technology

brooke acchione

05 The process

Accelerate your App's Time to Market with Vue.js

Harness the agility of Vue.js with Naturaily's expert development services, where we employ the 'Scrumban' methodology — a dynamic blend of Scrum and Kanban — to deliver digital products swiftly and efficiently. Our agile teams are dedicated to fast-tracking your project from inception to market, ensuring a seamless process that includes rigorous testing, iterative enhancements, and the creation of a scalable solution designed for enduring success.

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06 Services

Comprehensive Vue.js Development Solutions

Naturaily's experienced developers prioritize rapid deployment without sacrificing quality, providing you a competitive edge with an application that's market-ready and poised for growth. Partner with us to transform your vision into a robust digital product with the speed and precision that only Vue.js development can offer.

Leverage our full-service Vue.js development expertise, where a team of professionals blends business acumen, creative design, and technical prowess to elevate your product from concept to user engagement. We are committed to supporting you through every step, offering a suite of complementary services that encompass ideation, strategy assessment, user-centric design, and effective promotion. Choose us as your development partner to ensure a smooth and successful product journey, tailored to resonate with your target audience.

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07 FAQ

Determining if Vue.js is Right for your Project

  • 01

    Popular and Notable Vue.js Examples

    The popularity of Vue.js is continuously rising, so the number of companies deciding to use Vue in their projects is growing bigger and bigger. For now, the most remarkable examples can be:

    • GitLab
    • Grammarly
    • Wizzair
    • Behance
    • Adobe
    • Buzzfeed
    • 9GAG
    • Nintendo

    Looking for more Vue.js examples? Read our blog post!

  • 02

    Common Use Cases for Vue.js

    Vue.js is a great choice when you are looking for a lightweight, fast, and modern library to build single-page applications, as well as more complex apps, as they have a core-team supported routing and data storage solutions.

    It is also used for building interactive web interfaces thanks to its small footprint as, compared to React, it’s easy to program a widget or create web components with.

    Many JavaScript skeptics have started using Vue.js for its simplicity - the code looks almost like HTML when it’s really not. It’s composed of HTML templates, some reactive properties, and ways to organize your code (components, refs, computed properties, methods, and custom directives).

  • 03

    Future Trends and Growth of Vue.js

    What about Vue perspectives? Evan You, the Vue.js founder, is open about the future of his technology. He officially said that the next iteration of Vue will bring many groundbreaking changes for his progressive framework.

    Among the changes of Vue 3.0, there is an API redesign with TypeScript, performance improvement, implementing Hooks in a similar approach React, and many more. Likewise, the Vue.js team is also constantly working on improving the library.

  • 04

    Comparing Vue.js and React.js

    Vue is a young and fresh technology which, despite not having a strong company backup like React, is improved every day by hundreds of contributors. It’s also getting more and more popular among large companies.

    Vue.js is a great option if simplicity and flexibility are what you’re looking for in a framework.

    React.js is a mature technology backed by one of the biggest companies in the world - Facebook. It is efficient, modular, and allows for quick prototyping, which makes it a great option for creating MVPs and scalable products.

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