React Developer


At Naturaily we value individuality, professionalism, open communication and honesty. We strive to provide our clients with the best, stable, reliable and beautiful digital products. We achieve that by avoiding technical debt and being thorough. After years of working with digital products we’re still excited by new technologies, creative solutions and overcoming challenges. We pride ourselves in knowledge of Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Internet of Things.

  • Development of web-based interface that has reusable components, is both functional and highly-responsive
  • Working and collaborating with other team members (engineering, graphics, product)
  • Predicting, and adapting to, user interactions
  • Writing clean, and easily maintainable code
  • Good React knowledge
  • Deep understanding of state management patterns and solutions (e.g. redux, redux-saga)
  • Knowledge of Lodash, Underscore and other popular libraries
  • HTML5, CSS3, Webpack knowledge
  • Experience in RWD and mobile first approach
  • Understanding GIT
  • Good English - both spoken and written
  • Good coding habits: good naming, testable functions, readable code
Nice to have
  • Experience with consuming RESTful and JSON APIs
  • Knowledge of some modern JavaScript framework (frontend - Vue/Angular/Ember)
  • Knowledge of app optimization and performance
  • Familiar with Web Sockets, Web Workers, Web Services, PWA
  • Experience with devOps work (docker, CI & CD tools)
  • Experience working in Agile environment
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Great environment for personal development
  • A chance to develop internal projects
  • Bottom-up decision making culture
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work if needed
  • Fresh fruits & snacks
  • “Pizza Day".
React Developer
  • 10 000 - 15 000 PLN net + VAT (B2B)/ 8400 - 12 500 PLN gross (UoP)
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