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01 Ruby on Rails

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is one of the most mature, stable and popular technologies on the market. When you need to build a custom and complex web product that scale easily - Rails may be the best choice for you.

RoR is known for its ability to create prototypes very quickly
due to its efficiency in development.

An Object Relational Mapping System, alongside ‘Out of the box’ routing and app management, gives developers a tool to create an app in a couple of weeks.

Quick prototyping and development speed, paired with the amount of money often saved as a result, make Ruby on Rails the first choice for startups.

02 Benefits

Build your app at record speed to power your business right now

With its simple and intuitive code, Ruby facilitates software development and saves time: on average, developers who use Ruby on Rails build applications 30-40% faster than teams that use other technologies. - Bruce Perens, one of the Open Source movement founders

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    Efficient development

    Imagine you could build an MVP in just a few weeks. Ruby on Rails was designed to do this. The web framework’s rapid app development is possible because of the Convention over Configuration principle, which saves time spent on writing the code. Rails was designed to make developers follow certain standards, so it is very easy to add new engineers to the team or switch to a new project.

  • 02

    Fast prototyping

    Rails makes prototyping from scratch extremely fast and easy. Hundreds of thousands of free libraries, so-called Ruby Gems, are available to you to get your project up and running in no time.

  • 03

    Versatile technology

    Do you want to build a beautiful website or a complex enterprise application? Ruby on Rails can help you with diverse projects for different areas and industries. Airbnb, Twitch, Shopify, Github, Basecamp, Netflix, Hulu - completely different businesses, yet all united by Ruby on Rails technology.

  • 04

    Clean Code

    Ruby on Rails is one of the most mature solutions you can find. It has an active community and a great number of resources. The code written in Ruby is praised by developers because of its clarity and simplicity. It makes working with it much smoother and faster, which leads to bug-free projects delivered in no time.

  • 05

    Add new features easily

    RoR is based on the Model-View-Controller approach, which is all about the modularity and elasticity of your app. This means that no matter how big and complex your app is, it can be easily extended with new exciting features.

  • 06


    Ruby on Rails is a proven technology that has been around for years. Its great infrastructure, alongside with a helpful and experienced community, will provide your project with secure and tested solutions, so you can focus on developing your business.

03 Success story

LVCloud: Ruby on Rails IoT app for monitoring electricity grid

lvcloud screens

Electricity is a crucial part of today’s ecosystem. We used new technologies, such as Machine Learning, to create a complex app that can detect and solve problems with electricity networks immediately. The software we created detects any traces of malfunction or physical damage in the grid, such as too high humidity or cables in a poor state of repair.

Read LV Cloud case study

04 Ruby on Rails examples

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

See what we can do for your business

05 Success story

We helped Artinfo digitize the process of art auctions

artinfo screens

With the art market evolving, Artinfo was seeking an opportunity to expand and improve service for their users. They decided to optimize the purchase process, which used to be held via email or phone. Using Ruby on Rails, we helped them create a combination of a news website, dedicated to the art market, with a sophisticated catalog of art pieces and auction houses, alongside the marketplace.

Read Artinfo case study

06 About us

Hire an experienced Ruby on Rails development team

Choosing the right software development partner results in the continuity and stable progress of your project.

Naturaily is a software development company with over 12 years of experience in Ruby on Rails development. We help companies grow at each stage of product development - from consulting and product development, to scaling and support.

The members of the Naturaily team combine the level of professionalism, experience, and collaboration that is hard to find in today’s technology landscape.

Adam McGowan

CEO of Firefield

Adam McGowan

07 The process

Get your product to the market fast with Rails

At Naturaily, we use the combination of Scrum and Kanban methodologies to deliver digital products that generate value to companies and users. Our agile development teams aim to take your project to market in the shortest time possible - we test it, iterate and, finally, develop a scalable product.

Ruby on Rails consulting and development experts

Tools used in this project stack

Learn more about how we work and check our rates!

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08 Services

Ruby on Rails development and more

Naturaily is a full-service team of experts, bringing our clients the business, creative and technical skills they need to succeed. We will help you get your product get to users in every aspect - from ideation, evaluation and design to the promotion itself.

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09 FAQ

Is Ruby on Rails good for my project?

  • 01

    Is Ruby on Rails secure?

    One of Ruby on Rails’ great features is that it can easily help you become PSD2 compliant. Moreover, it provides all the functions that you need to enable complete security for your web product and your clients.

  • 02

    What kind of companies can benefit from Rails?

    Ruby on Rails is highly suitable for any kind of business project, so any company can benefit from its features.

    It is the best choice for startups to create a minimal viable product thanks to its efficiency, open-source nature, secureness, stableness, and flexibility.

    For an enterprise, it can be great for both websites and apps, as well as dashboards and IoT platforms.

    Finally, Ruby on Rails has a great number of free and ready-to-use solutions for implementing the basic functionality of online stores, giving you complete control over your e-commerce platform.

  • 03

    What apps use Ruby on Rails?

    You can meet Rails everywhere across the internet, including big players everyone knows.

    To name a few, let’s start with Github - the biggest code repository available, with over 21 million users and 61 million repositories.

    Likewise, Airbnb has been using RoR from the very beginning of their existence, letting millions of users book places in over 65,000 locations all around the world, each and every month.

    Who else is devoted to Ruby on Rails? Shopify, Basecamp and many, many more.

  • 04

    When Ruby on Rails is not a good choice?

    Ruby on Rails can be useful in diverse projects, yet there are things that don’t really need it and call for simpler solutions.

    Ruby on Rails may not be the best choice for simple static informational websites and blog-centric sites. You should consider using simpler and easier tools and frameworks for projects like these, such as Jamstack.

  • 05

    What other services do you offer?

    We excel in software development, web development, IoT, Machine Learning, e-commerce development, Shopify development & integrations.

  • 06

    What’s your work methodology?

    We mix two agile work models: Scrum and Kanban, creating a kind of “Scrumban” technique. We use Scrum for projects created from scratch and Kanban for already existing projects with bugs & feature requests.

  • 07

    What’s your preferred business model?

    We cooperate in Time and Material settlement model, which is based on the number of working hours.

  • 08

    When can you start working on my project?

    Our accessibility ranges from “right away” to 6-8 weeks, depending on our teams’ work status.

Naturaily Head of Growth

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