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Next.js Development Services

With Next.js application development, your website or e-commerce will become ultimately flexible, performant, and scalable. Our developers will create Next.js websites that are at the same time customizable and SEO-friendly so that you'll benefit from the perfect end product you need!

Our Next.js Development Solutions

  • Custom Next.js Application Development

    Unique business requirements should go hand-in-hand with tailor-made solutions. Next.js is a perfect technology for creating highly customized applications and platforms that apply to your specifics. Whether it's a non-standard company website, a complex web application, or a robust enterprise-level e-commerce store that you want to develop, our skilled Next.js team will get you covered.

    custom next.js application screen
  • Next.js API Integrations

    Easy adding new services is fundamental for developing future-proof & flexible web applications. With the use of API, Next.js is capable of integrating various third-party tools into your platform at any point in the development cycle. Our Next.js developers will easily fetch API to integrate onsite search engines, headless CMS, payment gateways, CRM, analytics tools, or any other service you're in need of.

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  • Next.js Dynamic Sites and Pages

    An often-demanded optimized SEO is possible in Next.js
    due various rendering options provided
    . Next.js Server-Side
    Rendering (SSR) means pages are pre-rendered on each request using the data returned rather than only when they're being built. We've used this Next.js SSR with dynamic routing to boost SEO in multiple projects so you'll see the difference quickly.

    next.js dynamic site screen
  • Next.js Static Sites

    Let's face it: the extraordinary performance of the web application
    is simply desired by visitors. Next.js Static Site Generation (SSG) allows our developers to generate static pages at build time, and this way cuts the unnecessary loading time on the server side. Next.js was just made for deploying interactive and powerful static websites and we'll be happy to see you appreciating its benefits.

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  • Next.js Hybrid Apps and Websites

    The greatest-performing web applications use combined ways of generating HTML files on demand. We can combine SSG with SSR or use Next.js Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR), which is a game-changer. It allows our development teams to adjust
    app-building tactics to what complex websites or e-commerce
    applications require business-wise: quicker loading times,
    better Core Web Vitals, and powerful UX at the same time

    next.js hybrid app screen
  • Next.js Front-End Development

    Building user-friendly interfaces that are both powerful and performant is the cornerstone of our Next.js Frontend Development services. By leveraging Next.js's capability of component-based design, we help create scalable, modular, and easy-to-maintain frontends that are ultra-functional and interactive. Whether it's a simple web page or a complex web app, we make the front-end magic happen for you.

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  • Migrate to Next.js

    With our Next.js migration services, your move toward a more dynamic and efficient platform will be seamless as we help you retain the website's functionality, SEO ranking, and data integrity. Our experienced developers assess your existing platform, plan the migration path, and implement it with minimum downtime. Experience the smooth migration to Next.js 13 and enjoy your web solution's enhanced performance and capabilities.

    next.js migrated website screen
  • Next.js Support and Maintenance

    Keeping your Next.js application robust and up-to-date is our priority. Our team provides comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure your web solution runs smoothly. We conduct regular audits, apply security patches, monitor performance, and make necessary Next.js updates. We also offer bug fixes, optimization services, and feature enhancement to ensure your Next.js application drives value for your business.

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  • Next.js Consulting Services

    Choosing the right tech stack can make or break your project. With our Next.js consulting services, we offer strategic guidance: we conduct in-depth business analysis and project requirement studies to offer the best-fit Next.js solutions. Whether it's about developing a new application, optimizing an existing one, or integrating with other services, we guide you every step of the way.

    next.js project screens

Our Next.js Development Approach

  • 01

    Using Data Prefetching

    Next.js data fetching strategies include collecting data on the page in advance and returning the page in the form of static HTML. The JavaScript code runs after the page is loaded by the browser so we can easily combine interactivity with great performance.

  • 02

    Multiple Rendering Options

    Next.js allows for server, static, and hybrid rendering of components. This gives us more options and ensures great build times as we can determine the rendering environment at the single component level.

  • 03

    Automatic Code Splitting

    Next.js employs a strategy of dividing the application's bundle into smaller chunks for each entry point, a process known as automatic code splitting. This technique significantly enhances the application's initial load time as it only loads the necessary code to run that particular page. This efficient handling of resources not only contributes to improving user experience but also positively impacts the application's SEO ranking.

  • 04

    Rich Routing Options

    The Next.js routing is based on pages and an app router. This makes it easy for us to handle internationalized routing automatically, supports custom layout and API routes, and ensures nested or Next.js dynamic routing.

  • 05

    Built-in Optimizations

    Next.js offers ready-made solutions that speed up our development processes, such as loading fonts on the server side, supporting meta and structured data through functions, or optimizing images through the NextImage component.

  • 06

    Freedom in CSS & Styling

    Thanks to Next.js, we're able to style components in the application freely, including Tailwind, Styled-Components, SCSS, and CSS Modules. This way, we can adjust to the client's design and UI requirements easily.

Projects we've built
with Next.js Development

  • Best IT case mockup Best IT

    E-commerce Services

    Modern, performant and easy-to-navigate website based on Next.js

    • 0.6 s Largest Contentful Paint
    • 0.9 s Time to Interactive
    Check case study
  • Urban case mockup Urban

    Health & Beauty SaaS

    A headless CMS implementation project that gave marketers full autonomy

    • 96 Performance
    • 100% Content processes time cut
    Check case study
  • BGL case mockup BGL

    Housing Estate

    Well-performing, SEO-optimized, and fast website built with Next.js and Storyblok

    • 93 Best Practices
    • 100 Search Engine Optimization
    Check case study

What our clients say:

  • Naturaily proved to be the right technological partner for us: efficient, responsive and at all times focused on finding alternative, goal-oriented solutions. They quickly verified business requirements and then proposed and implemented the most accurate technology. Naturaily is definitely a recommended partner.

    Christoph Batik

    Christoph Batik Chief Customer Officer
    at Best IT 

  • I would highly recommend Naturaily for their commitment to delivering a good product. Their willingness to listen to feedback and incorporate it into their work was also greatly appreciated. They were instrumental in helping us migrate to a system that gave us the autonomy we needed to effectively manage our content.

    Elsa Favario

    Elsa Favario Marketing Director
    at Urban 

  • I enjoyed working with Naturaily a lot. I appreciated the clear communication and the great relations we had. I was especially happy with the work ethic of the developers - including their dedication to the project. Both agencies and the client are super happy with the work of Naturaily. We will definitely be back for future projects.

    Timothy Ross

    Timothy Ross Managing Director
    at Orisono GMBH 

Benefits of Next.js Development

  • benefit icon

    Ultimate performance

    Next.js apps & websites are so rapid because they're pre-rendered or rendered on the fly as static pages. Thanks to this, the user entering the page asks the server only for HTML. There are no polling external services along the way.

  • benefit icon


    Next.js apps are possible to integrate with any third-party tools and microservices that issue an API. You're free to take a CRM, headless CMS, or any other service like an onsite search engine and combine them into a powerful application you need.

  • benefit icon

    SEO friendliness

    Next.js SEO optimization is easily possible because these websites are fast, performant, and super secure. Thanks to the static pre-generation and other Next.js features, green Lighthouse is easy to achieve and so are bigger traffic and higher SERP positions.

  • benefit icon

    Quick go-to-market

    Next.js is an outstanding option as it's focused on streamlining the deployment. With its wide range of ready-made solutions and huge community knowledge, you'll save time and funds by cutting the time needed to develop.

  • benefit icon

    Reusable components

    Being based on React, Next.js takes advantage of component reusability and this ensures UI and design consistency across the entire application. Next.js also supports React Server Components, which additionally enhances the performance.

  • benefit icon

    Enhanced UX

    Next.js allows you to create any application thanks to the reusable React components. Your new visual layers will amaze users with their design, rapid performance, and full interactivity!

  • benefit icon


    Next.js apps have fewer points of failure than traditional ones. Most of the operations take place on the server side, thanks to which the user doesn't have access to sensitive data. Communication with data works through API.

Hire a Dedicated Next.js Development Team

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We're a tech company with over 10 years of experience in providing web & e-commerce development services. We build fast, safe, and scalable websites, apps, and e-commerce stores. All within the Jamstack, headless, and composable approaches with a strong focus on Next.js development.

We know our job: it's all about supporting you in reaching your business goals by choosing the best technologies and making the greatest use of our know-how. It's that easy!

Whatever we do, we advise you at every stage to make decisions with peace of mind. It works: our clients say we're an open, proactive, and reliable partner to cooperate with. We've been also recognized as one of the Global Top 1000 Companies in both 2021 and 2022 by Clutch.

From the very beginning, you'll see we're problem solvers with high work ethics & self-agency. Want to verify this? Let's get in touch and do something cool together!

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Next.js Development FAQ

  • 01 What are the advantages of using Next.js for web application development?

    When it comes to web application development, Next.js stands out as a powerful tool, offering a multitude of benefits. There are multiple reasons to use Next.js for web app projects, including:

    • Utmost performance
    • Improved SEO
    • Enhanced Core Web Vitals
    • Powerful user experience
    • Quicker development
    • Excellent developer experience
    • Several rendering strategies
    • Multiple data fetching options
    • Greater flexibility
    • Component-based architecture
    • Easy integration of third-party tools
    • API communication handling
  • 02 Can your Next.js development team work with existing React.js projects?

    Yes, our team is highly experienced in leading such projects. Next.js is built on top of React, making it compatible with React components and libraries. We can seamlessly integrate Next.js into your existing codebase, enabling you to leverage the benefits of server-side rendering, static site generation, automatic code splitting, and other Next.js features. Whether you need to migrate an existing React app to Next.js or enhance your current project with Next.js functionality, our team has the expertise to handle the transition smoothly.

  • 03 How do you ensure the performance and SEO optimization of Next.js applications?

    First, we always analyze the client's needs during the discovery phase. Second, we design strategies and tactics for tackling business requirements. Third, we make use of all the great features Next.js has to offer, like:

    • Deploying Static Websites with Full Interactivity
    • Automatic Code Splitting
    • Rich Routing Options (including Next.js API routes)
    • Built-in Optimizations (images, fonts, sitemap generation, meta data, structured data)
    • Freedom in CSS & Styling
    • Multiple Rendering Options (Server-Side Rendering SSR, Static Site Generation SSG, Incremental Static Regeneration ISR)