Software development is not a walk in the park. It’s rather a 24-hour run through a misty jungle full of spiderwebs and creepy creatures. Developers need to be brave and have a spirit of adventure. But none of them is fearless. Time to face the biggest dev’s fears! Hold on!

1. BUGs! BUGs! BUGs everywhere :/

2. Imgur blocked!

3. Humorless PM

4. Fixing someone’s else code

5. Deploy on Friday evening

6. When test fails when run together but passes alone

7. Perl script using German

8. Gitlab loading branches for hours

9. ASAP (what that even means?!)

10. COBOL programming

11. Boredom

12. Supporting Internet Explorer

13. Remaining unrecognized

14. Breaking finger!

15. Ties!

16. Realizing that programming is not for me

17. Hearing “There is a slight change in the requirements”

What’s your biggest fear?