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Interesting German Startups You Should Definitely Check Out!

From UX mapping through vehicles’ tracking to nutrition and supplementation – German startups have for years been exploring new areas where they can create an added value thanks to the use of newest technologies. Here’s our sneak peek. Enjoy your reading!


Here’s another portion of interesting, Germany-based startups that are definitely worth your attention. If you’re interested check our previous post about 9 startups in Berlin you should know about in 2017.

Konetik – vehicle tracking for your company

If your firm has rented or company cars for your employees you should definitely check out Konetik. It’s the easiest solution for monitoring and tracking your vehicles. Konetik allows you to view the location and status of your cars in real time using nothing but Konetik Plug and a device with access to the Internet. All you need to do is install the Plug in OBC port in your car and you’re good to go.

From Konetik service you will be able to create Logbooks of your employees’ trips, set Geolimits, see every information of the trips such as who was the driver, how much fuel was used or check the route.

N26 – the (true) mobile bank

Truly online banking is here! Meet N26, the bank that lets you manage your entire account using nothing but the Internet. Signing up is very easy and it takes less than 10 minutes. N26 has a lot to offer. When you open an account you get MasterCard which you can use for free cash withdrawal in Euros at any ATM (up to five times per month). You can pay and receive money without any transaction fees. The basic N26 account is free and because the service launched recently N26 offers free MasterCard for everyone who signups now. Currently, N26 is available in 17 Eurozone countries including Germany, France, Netherlands and Austria.

Bitbond – boost your company with extra loan

Based in Berlin, Bitbond is lending peer-to-peer platform for small business loans that connects borrowers with investors. Sellers and online businesses can get up to $25,000 in just 1 hour, starting at 1% monthly!

For lending Bitbond offers attractive 13% interest rate, it allows you to invest in USD or EUR and choose where exactly your money is going to. Because all payment transactions are conducted via the bitcoin blockchain the service is completely independent of banks and available worldwide.

“Bitbond’s mission is to make investing and financing globally accessible” – get to know your users better is a German startup with Polish roots. Its goal is to make the UX as human-friendly as possible by tracking users in real-time, observing them on every step of a project life cycle. helps you analyze gathered data after each user-tracking session to improve the UX of your website, application or even project in development.

The service helps you make data-driven decisions by teaching you how to transform numbers into actual useful information. They claim that they will provide you necessary tools and knowledge in order to improve your product, make a portrait of your customers and get to know what your customers want before they do.

SPICED Academy – become a developer in a matter of weeks

The coding school, SPICED Academy, is located in the center of Berlin. Currently, it offers one, 12-weeks long, intensive courses of Full Stack Web Development (Data Analysis coming soon). Students will learn HTML, CSS, programming languages such as JavaScript and jQuery framework, Node.js and more. Experienced in programming and talented instructors are always available to help and answer students’ questions.

SPICED claims that graduates of their programs will be junior full-stack web developers or data scientists. The bootcamp currently costs €7800, but if you are unemployed and registered in Germany you may qualify to get the course sponsored by the Job Center.

BRAIN-EFFECT – supplements that will make you use your full potential

The team behind the startup used experience gained while working for over 6 years with athletes, physicians, and nutritionists to create wide variety of products that can maximize your mental performance, because they believe that mental state is the key to success.

Brain-Effect uses unique on the market combinations such as CDP-choline and herb extracts to help you focus or L-tryptophan and lots of vitamins to help you sleep better. With 4.8 rate based on 441 Trusted Shops reviews, it is definitely worth a try.

Plantix - image recognition for plant diseases

Plantix, developed by German startup, is an intelligent assistant created specifically for farmers. It uses deep learning and self-learning algorithms to provide a simple, but powerful plant disease and monitoring tool that fits in your pocket. Simply take a picture of the plant and let the Plantix app do its magic. The GPS coordinates and other values are attached to the picture so users can help finding the interdependencies between plant damages and environmental parameters.

Peat Technology claims that their product is 95% accurate. The list of diseases recognisable by the app is growing everyday.

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