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As you might have guessed I’m not one of those selfie-loving teenage boys (ok, maybe just a bit). Anyway, I decided to join Snapchat the other day (@suleiro if anyone asks) just to check out what it’s all about. After a few days I discovered that a lot of IT people are there, sharing some pretty cool stuff with their followers. Curious who to follow and why?

Snapchat is considered to be a social media channel for kids who love to expose their self and share almost every moment of their lives. This is true, but only partially. Indeed, while most of Snapchat users are very young and mainly follow celebrities and bloggers there is also a big proportion of entrepreneurs who, for some reason, chose this way to build their personal brands and connect with audiences around the world.

What’s in it for you?

Following investors and entrepreneurs is a unique opportunity to find out what kind of passions and sense of humor they have, take part in great Q&A sessions (while riding a bike for example), sneek peek into the biggest tech-conferences around the world, and… learn a lot in the process. Who knows when this information might come in handy. Maybe one day, talking to Justin Kan (partner at Y Combinator), you’ll be able to break the ice by saying that you’re also a great fan of motorcycles? ;)

Who to follow?

Here’s my list of the most active Polish and foreign users.

  1. Justin Kan (justinkan) - Partner at Y Combinator, Co-founder of live video platforms: and


  2. Justin Wu (hackapreneur) - Founder of


  3. Gary Vaynerchuk (garyvee) - Investor, entrepreneur, CEO of VaynerMedia


  4. Alexis Ohanian (alexisohanian) - Co-founder of Reddit, Partner at Y Combinator


  5. Hunter Walk (hunterwalk) - Partner at Homebrew VC


  6. Staszek Kolarzowski (kolarzowski) - Co-founder & COO of Pilot


  7. Michal Sadowski (sdmik) - Founder & CEO of Brand24


  8. Andrzej Krzywda (andrzejkrzywda) - Founder & CEO of Arkency


  9. Konrad Traczyk (konradtraczyk) - Fouder & CEO of HASH FM


  10. Tomasz Muter (materpl) - Co-founder of Droids on Roids



  1. Mark Suster (msuster) - General Partner at Upfront Ventures


  2. Monika Mikowska (mobimoni) - Co-owner of mobee dick


It’s interesting that I couldn’t find any Polish VCs on Snapchat. Or maybe I missed someone? If there is anyone who is worth to follow in your opinion - please let me know by leaving a comment. We’ll update the list.

PS. Don’t forget to follow me (suleiro) if you want to see what a life of a software team looks like or check if I haven’t lost my mind yet.