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Case study on upgrading Ruby on Rails and taking care of the service.

Zapnito is a platform that allows organizations to monetize their professional expertise. In this case study, you will see how Naturaily improved it by helping in taking care of the service.

Ruby on Rails, Ember
The need

Sharing collective expertise

Zapnito is a unique platform that allows organizations to share and monetize their professional, collective expertise with other companies and clients. With too much work on their hands, Zapnito sought for skilled and precise on-demand developers. Scaling up their IT team in order to acquire help with the small things allowed them to focus on the bigger picture of their product. Naturaily took on the challenge.

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The solution

Fixes and maintenance

The main focus of our cooperation with Zapnito was cleaning up the code and refactoring service’s features. Our team upgraded Ruby on Rails version on the client’s side and performed several bug fixing. Apart from that, Naturaily was in charge of general maintenance of the service and adding cosmetic touches.

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The tools

Ruby on Rails application

Zapnito is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. It uses Ruby on Rails on the server-side, users are welcomed with Ember.js on frontend-side. PostgreSQL was used as the database system, Sendgrid as the email service.

The project has been managed using Kanban methodology.

ruby ember
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The results

Better, faster, stronger

Zapnito’s performance has increased due to refactoring and bug fixing. The service now utilizes a much more secure version of Ruby on Rails.

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Client's opinion
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Jon Beer
CTO Zapnito
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Naturaily worked on extending Zapnito’s functionality by developing new features and upgrade of our stack. They significantly helped us with the maintenance work. Naturaily’s responsiveness is exceptional. We were frequently updated with where things stand. While they could improve in terms of English language skills, we feel that they are an extended part of our team.