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Naturaily Honored with Clutch Global Awards 2021!

Naturaily has received a 2021 Clutch Global Award! We have been honored as one of the Top 1000 Service Providers in the world.


Naturaily has received a 2021 Clutch Global Award! We have been honored as one of the Top 1000 Service Providers in the world.

There are around 150,000 companies listed on the Clutch platform. Only 1% of them can count on receiving such an award. And we are among them!

We are extremely satisfied with the work we did in 2021, and this goes for all of our team members. We see the award as a confirmation of our commitment to proposing services of additional value.

This is all the more important to us since the awards are granted on the basis of actual customers’ opinions and reviews. It is real projects’ insights and outcomes that are taken into account when deciding about the honored companies.

In fact, this is a distinction made by customers themselves, and it makes it as credible and trustworthy as one can expect.

What Do Clients Like About our Services?

We are really happy with this award. Hence, we hope you’ll excuse our boasting!

To get you acquainted with the reasons for which we have been placed 667th on global Top 1000 Service Providers, we have collected a couple of our Clutch reviews we think are representative for our services. Hence, worth presenting.

Communication style and relationship management

The communication with the Project Manager and the CEO of Naturaily was always clear and we have developed a great relationship of cooperation.

- Managing Director at media production company, Switzerland

It was a truly honest cooperation, full of patience and understanding.

- Head of Digital & E-Commerce at coffee house, Poland


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Putting client’s needs first

We were very impressed by Naturaily’s flexibility and determination to succeed. They were willing to overcome each challenge and always put our needs first.

- Head of Digital & E-Commerce at coffee house, Poland

After the project was complete, the client had an issue with their site that was independent of the work the team completed. Even so, they were willing to provide some support and guidance after delivering the project. That element of customer service was good to see.

- Principal at technology consultancy company, United States

Being precise on delivery possibilities

They’re a professional, hard-working team that follows through on their promises. We appreciate that they’re always clear and concise about their capabilities, never promising anything they can’t deliver.

- Principal at technology consultancy company, United States

Willingness to do more

The developer went the extra mile. Even when he hit some bottlenecks and technical limitations, he worked around them and found solutions.

- CTO at PR & marketing company, Japan

When we’ve worked with other developers in the past, they just give us the finished project. Naturaily, on the other hand, invested more in the strategy. For example, they will recommend we use AWS or Google Cloud based on our needs. They make sure that we make the right decisions by offering their expertise.

- CEO & Co-Founder at IT services company, United States

Level of commitment to the project

We were most impressed by their determination to succeed and the willingness to invest their entire time to do so. It was clear they strived just as much for the best possible result as we did, as Naturaily was more than happy to work through multiple feedback rounds.

- Managing Director at media production company, Switzerland


Want to learn more about this Jamstack development project? Check the full case study and see the results!

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Agility and constant readiness

They were open to constructive feedback, which was important, and they were able to adjust. Sometimes you work on a certain feature and when it’s almost done, the team members on the business side review it and might change their mind. Naturaily was able to quickly adapt to the changing needs and that was definitely a very positive point.

- CTO at PR & marketing company, Japan

Understanding of business needs

Naturaily always looked on the development tasks from a business perspective, so on how the development tasks affect the sales volume of the shop.

- Head of E-Commerce at retail company, Germany

Check our Clutch profile to see full reviews!


What is Clutch and How Do You Receive Clutch Awards?

Clutch is a platform that collects customers’ reviews of companies they've worked with. It's also a global directory of companies, divided into various categories: industry, services or region.

To some extent, it is a tool for anyone operating in the B2B sector, especially in industries such as Web Development, Software Development, Mobile Development, IT Consulting, Marketing, Design or UX/UI.

Clutch gives you the opportunity to find a technology partner for your project and verify the quality of services, identify strengths and weaknesses, average rates, project management or client service skills.

Each company's profile is filled with real customer feedback and this is further verified by the Clutch team. This means that Clutch employees reach out to the authors of reviews and verify if their opinions are consistent with reality of the project.

Every year Clutch presents its list of top companies based on two factors: industry experience and ability to deliver. They are based on the following criteria:

  • Services offered

  • Clients

  • Case studies

  • Awards received

  • Social media presence

  • Recency, number, and quality of reviews published to the company’s profile

  • Types of clients a company work with

  • Brand reputation and visibility in the target market

Thank you!

We would like to thank all of our customers who shared their opinions about our work!

Also, it’s time to congratulate other companies for their honors – especially those who, together with us and our technological partners, create a Jamstack environment and develop further transformation of eCommerce and software development.

We want to continue to deliver even better, so if you have something in mind we can cooperate on – feel free to contact us!

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