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  • Jamstack and JavaScript Conferences and Events to Attend for the Rest of 2022 [DESCRIPTIONS INCLUDED]

Jamstack and JavaScript Conferences and Events to Attend for the Rest of 2022 [DESCRIPTIONS INCLUDED]

Interested in JavaScript, headless commerce, Jamstack? These conferences, which we collected in a subjective list of recommended events, will broaden your knowledge and make you even more attracted by new web development approaches. Read on and start packing up!


As we are entering the second half of 2022, we still have many events ahead this year worldwide, of which many are online or hybrid, so you can join wherever you are. In this article we have gathered some interesting events that cover such subjects as Jamstack, Headless, React, JavaScript, API, microservices, and generally e-commerce.

All these conferences will be held before the end of this year. We have presented them in a chronological order, including details concerning the venue, ticket prices and what you can expect by attending. Some of them are even an opportunity for a short workation.

Feel free to choose the events that are most interesting for you and check the details in the links provided after the description of each conference.

Conferences in July

July 8–9, Hugo Conf (online)

This is a free online conference concerning the Hugo framework. It will cover different topics, such as using the Hugo CMS, implementing conditional processing, Jamstack with Hugo, transforming Word to web, themes, internationalization, interactivity, or Hugo modules. The entry is free of charge, but you have to pre-register – you can find the conference website here.


July 9, JS + React fwdays'22 (online)

The JS + React fwdays'22 conference will be held online on July 9. It may interest you that 10% of the cost of each ticket will go to various organizations supporting Ukraine. You can participate for free – in this case you will receive access to talks of all conference tracks, additional formats, and presentations.

If you however decide to buy a ticket (54 euros), you will, among others, have access to talks recordings, take part in the Q&A session with the speakers and get a certificate. During the conference you will have an opportunity to listen about the state management library and using Recoil in React apps, automated tests for React frontend and React application failures, as well as solving everyday problems with data visualization using JavaScript. The details can be found here.

July 29, JavaScript and Friends (live in the USA)

This is a JavaScript non-profit conference, organized by a group of volunteers for all JavaScript practitioners, and enthusiasts. The money raised from the tickets, which cost 50 dollars each, will be used to help animate the developer community, mainly in the Midwestern United States – for example providing scholarships to aspiring programmers.

The conference will be held on July 29 in Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio and will cover a variety of topics concerning web development, mobile development, design, testing, artificial intelligence, and professional soft skills. Click here for details.

JavaScript Conferences in September

September 1–2, React Native EU (online)

This is an annual community-driven conference focused solely on React Native, enabling developers to learn directly from code contributors and industry leaders. This year the event is held fully online and lets you stay connected to developers from 196 countries, providing access to global networking. The best part is that this virtual conference is completely free of charge. It will feature 20 live-streamed talks, interactions with speakers, Q&A sessions and access to presentations. You can learn more details here.


September 12–16, React Finland 2022 (live in Finland)

The React Finland 2022 conference will last for five days, from September 12 to 16. Attending the event also provides a great opportunity to visit this interesting country, as the conference is held only live at Paasitorni, Helsinki. From September 12 to 14 the attendees can take part in workshops, covering a variety of topics such as advanced React, design systems, and app building. The speeches will be held from September 15 to 16 in the form of eight themed sessions with 24 speakers in total.

The conference is focused on a hands-on, practical approach to programming and other IT tasks, so you can be sure you’ll learn a lot from the experts. An afterparty with an opportunity of networking is also a part of the program. The attendees have different ticket options – the basic conference ticket costs 399 euros for early birds, 499 euros in regular price, and 599 euros for late birds, so it’s worth buying them now. There are also tickets for various workshops available. More details here.

September 23, UtahJS Conference (live in the USA)

This is the 11th edition of the annual conference, which will be a one-day event with three tracks. The detailed program is still in progress, but you can buy tickets for 149 dollars (early bird) or 199 dollars (regular price). The details can be found here.

September 26–29, International JavaScript Conference (hybrid – live in the USA or online)

This conference, held in New York, USA, or online from 26 to 29 September, covers a lot of topics of interest to the JavaScript Community, such as Angular, React, WebAssembly, Progressive Web Apps, Jamstack, Node.js, and JavaScript Practices & Tools.

The event, which is also an occasion to visit the famous city of New York, will be filled with keynotes, talks, live coding, networking, workshops and will feature more than 40 speakers around the world. Till July 21 the on-site tickets cost from 1412 dollars for four-day access to 512 dollars for one-day pass, and remote tickets from 1016 dollars for four days to 629 dollars for two days. Hurry up, because the prices will soon rise! You can find more details here.

September 29, React Alicante (hybrid – live in Spain or online)

This international conference will be held at Palacio de Congresos in sunny Alicante, Spain so you can pair it with a nice holiday. The event will be devoted to React.js and React Native. It will feature 33 international speakers, 10 workshops, and 600 participants. The scope of presentations will include, among others, handling micro-frontends, building React Native apps, and creating web applications of the future with TypeScript and GraphQL. The regular bird in-person ticket costs 170 euros, and early bird remote – 70 euros. The workshops are paid separately. More details about the conference can be found here.


API & JS Conferences in October

October 5, Conf (live in Germany) Conf is the first community driven Vue conference in Germany. It will take place at Bolle Festsäle in Berlin. It will feature interesting talks and an opportunity to meet the European Vue.js community. The subjects include tools and practices for good tests, building headless commerce, Vue 3 and others.

The price of the ticket contains access to all conference talks, the community and sponsoring areas with mini-workshops, and evening integration parties, as well as breakfast, lunch, dessert, and beverages. A one-day pass costs 297,5 euros, but when you buy three or more, the price is 267 euros. You can also buy joint tickets also including the NG-DE conference, which takes place a day later at the same venue. More details here.

October 6–7, NG-DE (live in Germany)

NG-DE is the first community driven Angular conference in Germany. The conference will take place from 6 to 7 October at Bolle Festsäle in the center of Berlin. It will be attended by 500 persons and feature 30 speakers and trainers, 6 workshops and 16 sessions. The event aims at creating a friendly atmosphere, offering among others barista-made coffee and childcare. The detailed schedule is to be published at a later date, but you can buy the tickets now – a two-day pass costs 595 euros, and when you buy more than three, it costs 535 euros. You can also buy joint tickets including also the conference, which takes place a day earlier at the same venue. Find more details here.


October 6–7, Nordic.js (live in Sweden)

Nordic.js is a single-track conference held at Magazin 9 – an international venue for music, art and food, located in Stockholm. It will host renowned speakers and rising stars of the JavaScript community and will allow you to connect with a huge group of passionate developers, who will also have an occasion to share their insights during a short speech.

You can either buy a diversity ticket, that will allow you to bring a person who wouldn’t otherwise attend, for 14,800 Swedish kronas, or a last-minute bird single ticket for 8,400 Swedish kronas. More details about the conference can be found here.


October 17–19, API Conference (hybrid – live in Germany or online)

The API conference, held live in Berlin and online, touches the subjects of API management, development, design, and platforms. The program includes, among others, a practical API security workshop, speeches on a lifecycle perspective on API versioning or serverless integration, and many other related issues. The on-site tickets cost 1179 euros for a two-day pass, and 759 euros for one day (main conference or workshop). You can also buy remote tickets: 999 euros for two days, and 639 euros for just the workshop day. The conference details are available here.

October 21 and 25, React Advanced London (hybrid – live in the UK or online)

The conference, held live at The Brewery in London (only on October 21) and online (for two days), features more than 60 speakers and over 800 developers from the JavaScript community. There will be two tracks of talks: general and pro, covering a variety of subjects such as React, React Native, GraphQL, Next.js and TypeScript.

During the event there will be more than 10 remote pro workshops and many opportunities for networking, such as the React Party. The tickets for the in-person and remote event cost 390 pounds each (early bird access) and cover also the recordings of the talks, the party and catering, and remote-only tickets can be bought at 17 euros a month, with full access to 10 remote GitNation conferences. Get full info here.

October 24–28, International JavaScript Conference (hybrid – live in Germany or online)

It is a twin conference to the International JavaScript in New York, mentioned earlier. Will be held in Munich, Germany from 24 to 28 October and provide extensive JavaScript knowledge for practitioners, featuring more than 60 speakers worldwide. Till July 14 the on-site tickets can be bought from 1399 euros for full five days to 449 euros for one main day of the conference, remote tickets cost from 1259 euros for five-day access to 683 euros for two-day pass. The prices will soon rise – you can find more conference details here.

October 25 – November 3, API World (hybrid – live in the USA or online)

The 11th international conference held in San Jose Convention Center will gather thousands of global technical leaders, engineers, software architects, and executives. It is the largest and longest-running API and microservices event in the world. The activities include a hackathon, a workshop day, an open expo, an API awards ceremony, a VIP reception, a party, open talks, and a 1:1 networking event.

You can buy either a pro pass for 650 dollars or the premium pass for 850 dollars – the latter includes access to three conferences taking place at the same venue (API World, Microservices World, and AI DevWorld). Those rates are valid till July 12, so be quick to book! You can learn more about the conference here.


October 25–27 (live in the USA) and November 1–3 (online), Microservices World

It is the largest microservices conference worldwide and is taking place at the same venue as API World, at San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. You will be able to join more than 3,500 software architects, DevOps engineers and other IT experts to learn the technologies and best practices. It features a number of pro workshops and keynote speeches on the subject.

You can buy a pro pass for 550 dollars including access to sessions and technical workshops, VIP networking lounge, VIP party, keynotes, open talks, virtual expo and 1:1 networking. There is also a premium pass available for 850 dollars and it additionally includes access to three co-located events (API World, Microservices World, and AI DevWorld). The above offers are valid until July 13, so be quick if you want to get your tickets at a discount price. More details on the conference are available on its website here.

October 25, NG Poland (hybrid – live in Poland or online)

Each year this conference in Warsaw hosts best experts in the field of Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, Redux and so on, sharing their practical tips and new hot trends. You will also join a community of more than 1000 attendees from all over the world. The topics will concern for example event-driven architecture in Angular, content projection, micro-frontend applications, RxJS in Angular, scalable Angular components, and many others. The basic ticket costs 537 zlotys, and you can also buy joint tickets including also the JS Poland conference, which takes place a day later. More details here.

October 26, JS Poland (hybrid – live in Poland or online)

This is the 6th edition of the conference, focusing on the JavaScript ecosystem, held in Warsaw. It features more than 25 prominent speakers, more than 15 international sponsors, 9 workshops and almost a thousand participants. In the course of four sessions, it will cover topics such as Angular SSR, GitHub or TypeScript. The tickets are available for 537 zlotys, and you can also buy joint tickets including also the NG Poland conference, which takes place a day earlier. You can find all the details here.

Jamstack Conferences in November

November 7–8, Jamstack Conf 2022 (hybrid – live in the USA or online)

The conference, held on 7 and 8 November in San Francisco and online, will be dedicated to building modern web projects using the Jamstack approach. The detailed agenda and tickets available will be published at a later date, but as for now you can subscribe to updates. You can find the conference’s website here.


November 17, RVA JavaScript Conference (live in the USA)

The annual conference, dedicated to all topics concerning JavaScript – from TypeScript to Node.js and React – is organized by Richmond Technology Council. It will feature keynote speakers and technical sessions, as well as provide networking opportunities. The one-day conference will be hosted at the Science Museum of Virginia. Information about the tickets is not yet available. Check the details here.


We have tried to gather the most interesting conferences from the second half of this year. There are many more, such as Headless Commerce Summit, coming next year so we’ll keep you updated. We hope you will be able to choose the best ones matching your needs, be it a quick city break or an online event.

Know of any relevant conference related to Jamstack, Headless, Front-end, JavaScript, microservices, or eCommerce? Let us know so we can cover it on our list!

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