What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework, created by an ex-developer at Google - Evan You. He’s goal was to take features and concepts he enjoyed using from Angular and build a lightweight framework around them.

This so-called ‘progressive framework’ launched less than a year after Facebook’s React and has been getting quite a lot of attention from both developers and companies ever since. So, what makes this framework so special? Let’s look at Vue.js’ advantages.

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Advantages of Advantages of Vue.js

Why is it worth to choose Vue.js development?


Vue.js progressive framework weight can be shrunk down to 18 Kb! For comparison, React weights almost twice as much. It means that your application will be extremely lightweight and performant. Oh, and Vue.js applications take far less code than React.js.

Agile development

Vue makes the development process extremely fast. Developers find its syntax very intuitive, what makes the debugging and working with the framework effortless. It is a great framework for companies looking for fast and smooth development.


Vue is a less opinionated solution compared to its competition. It allows your project to be the exact way you want it to be. You can either build an entire Single Page Application from the ground up or just integrate Vue in your already existing app.


Vue.js is one of the most performant JavaScript frameworks. It is much faster than its competitors - React or Angular, meaning that if the performance of your application is a key factor, you should definitely go with Vue.

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