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Career Path at Naturaily: What You Need to Know to Call Yourself a Senior Developer

This is the stage we call a Dev Master. Wondering if you are still a Mid or already a Senior? Check out the data below and find out.


What skills should you have to become a Senior Developer at Naturaily?

This is the stage we call a Dev Master. Wondering if you are still a Mid or already a Senior? Check out the data below and find out.

Area Skills
Experience 5+ years
Team skills Aware of his/her value and does not need to prove it to anyone. Helps others and lets them ask questions when they do not know something. Strives to make the code understandable to others while writing it. Values cooperation and is able to encourage and motivate other team members. Easy becomes a mentor to less experienced colleagues and can plan and distribute work. Approachable and ready to give and get any feedback. Ready to take responsibility for the team and project performance. Takes part in the recruitment process, providing technological expertise.
Tool use Has knowledge, experience and ready-to-use tools to diagnose and solve any programming problem. Eager to try new tools and solutions.
Broad approach Able to have a broad view of the project. Able to complete the project from the very beginning, until the application is passed to the testers and delivered to the client. Knows how to cooperate with co-workers with different competences. Explains complicated technical issues to the client in an understandable way and initiates new solutions.
Lifelong learningEngages in the programming community, exchanges their experience with its members and shares their knowledge with other team members. Initiates educational events inside the company and shares knowledge gained at conferences and external workshops.
Client approachMotivates other team members to run transparent communication. Takes over the responsibility for leading meetings. Promotes the organizational approach of long-standing relationship with the Client. Introduces innovative techniques in coping with difficulties.

What one of the Naturailians says about it?

Naturaily is not a factory where you punch a time clock and start your work on a production line. No matter if you are a Senior Ninja Cobol Enthusiast or you just read JavaScript for Dummies last weekend: what matter is what's in your head, not what's on paper.

Bartek ZienkiewiczSenior Frontend Developer

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