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Time for the second level of initiation called The Skills Hunt. Below, you will find a list of skills you need to master if you want to call yourself the Mid.

Area Skills
Experience >2 years
Team skills Able to solve all the assigned tasks on its own.
Knows how to use the technologies and tools they work with.
Knows how to use a given technology and how to create their code so that everything works properly.
Takes part in the recruitment process, giving technological expertise, along with a senior developer.
Tool use Fluent in using project tools and open to trying new ones.
Broad approach Takes part in professional meetups and encourages others to do the same.
Ready to share knowledge gained by participating in a conference or after reading a book.
Well-oriented throughout the entire software development cycle.
Lifelong learning Knows his specialisation.
Explores knowledge about technology with curiosity and searches for the best solutions.
Wants to deepen his domain knowledge and learn new technologies.
Client approach Is able to provide legible details of current work (e.g. limitations, hindrances).
Provides open communication.
Can handle both positive and negative feedback regarding the actual work.

What one of the Naturailians says about it?

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