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Are you at the beginning of your career as a developer and not sure what to learn next or how to improve your skills? No worries. We are ready for you.

Prepare for Codemaggedon – coding school with practical classes only.

It is an amazing opportunity for you and other aspiring developers to grow and gain knowledge. Within a reasonable period of time, we will teach you all of the good programming practices, how to use new tools such as Docker and how to work effectively within your team. Also, we are huge Agile lovers so expect to learn this too. You will become a mid or even a senior in no time!

Area Skills
Experience 1-2 years
Team skills Not afraid to ask other developers for help or code review.
Eager to learn and open to feedback, as well as colleagues’ good advice.
Tries to look at the project as a whole and is dedicated to the cause.
Tool use Has basic knowledge of the use of tools and wants to learn more.
Not afraid to test new tools and solutions.
Broad approach Engages in other team members’ initiatives eagerly.
Develops his knowledge also outside of the work, e.g. by participating in workshops and meetups.

What one of the Naturailians says about it?

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