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Examples Of eCommerce Web Solutions For Improving Your Online Store

Are these all weird and complicated e-commerce web solutions really for you? If you are here, probably you’ve already decided that there is a need to improve your online store. Maybe it’s because you feel like users aren’t satisfied enough.


Are these all weird and complicated e-commerce web solutions really for you? If you are here, probably you’ve already decided that there is a need to improve your online store. Maybe it’s because you feel like users aren’t satisfied enough. Are they leaving baskets behind? Maybe someone told you that you could make your business more efficient by changing some things. Was it your friend or some professional auditor? Or maybe… you feel like your conversion rate has been dropping lately.

As you’re in this business for some time already, you know for sure that everything that’s online needs to improve constantly. Technology is getting better and better every single day, people are getting more demanding, and they are hungry for more. Fast. What worked yesterday, may not be so good today. Including e-commerce web solutions. In the beginning, people were ready to wait until your shop gets ready. These days, even a 1-second delay can cost you money. According to some researches, it can be even $2.5 million in missed revenue If your business generates $100.000 per day.

And this is the reason why I want to show you some examples of web solutions for improving your online store, so your only worry will be which color of this new car you want is better for next season (isn’t orange really nice? Just saying.)

Go headless!

If you imagined running around like a chicken, that’s not what I meant here, don’t worry. Until now, most online shops have been using a classical approach: CMS where the frontend presentation layer was fully attached to the backend. It means that not only your personalization possibilities were limited but also it was a lot harder to optimize performance. Headless commerce and its benefits give you more.

How much more? For example, after going headless, Teespring’s early tests showed that they had boosted their performance twice. They are literally converting twice as good as before and this is a company that always put attention to optimization. Do you need more examples that this is the e-commerce web solution you’ve been looking for?

Headless means Jamstack

If you really dream about improving your online store (which I know you do) the best you can do is to pair Jamstack with headless CMS. But what is it actually?

As we write in our article about building modern websites, Jamstack is a techstack, and it’s shortcut stands up for JavaScript APIs and Markup. It was created to work the best on the web, especially for the end-user.

It’s fast and extremely SEO friendly which will make marketers' job easier. Furthermore, it loads faster, is more secure, and gives you much more freedom when you pay attention to how your website looks. If you don’t feel it yet, take a look at some great examples of websites that are built this way. If Louis Vuitton trusts this e-commerce solution, so can you.

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Be Progressive, leave casual Apps behind

These days every company wants to offer more to their customers. Especially when we talk about e-commerce. You need to engage your crowd, you need to make them stay with you. One of the most common solutions is the mobile application. Let’s go one step further, tho.

Progressive Web Application looks and feels exactly the same as the normal application, but it keeps all web benefits. Also, in this case, your customers don’t even need to go to the app store to get it, and the download is a lot faster. It will work on every device, it’s faster and temporary issues with the Internet won’t break the whole user experience. This kind of app is even capable to work perfectly fine offline! PWA won’t require any complicated update process as well. It will happen automatically, without bothering your customers. But that’s not all!

According to this research, you should be ready for some more benefits for your company. Some of them are:

  • +68% increase in mobile traffic

  • 52% average increase in conversions

  • engagement may be increased up to 137%

  • page views may be increased up to 133.67%

This is one of the examples of e-commerce web solutions that you can’t just forget or ignore. Many big players know it all already, not only shops. Check out Starbucks for instance!

What are you waiting for?

Let’s be honest, you haven’t been looking for answers like this just because you’re simply curious about what’s happening in the web development world. If it was the reason, you would go to check experts’ forums, looking for more deep technical information. I believe that you’re looking for all these examples of e-commerce web solutions because you would like to implement the best of them on your online store. If that’s right, here we are! Ready to hear your needs and propose to you the most efficient ways to boost your conversion rate thanks to development. If that’s not right, tell us what brought you here and what are your thoughts so far!

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