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5 Reasons To Work at Naturaily

Are you looking for a place where you can grow professionally and develop new and existing skills, while also retaining a reasonable work-life balance? Here are 5 reasons why you will love working at Naturaily.


If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for a new job in the software development sector, isn’t that right? Do you want to use top-notch technologies to work on exciting projects and create new amazing applications? Are you looking for a place where you can grow professionally and develop new and existing skills, while also retaining a reasonable work-life balance? Here are 5 reasons why you will love working at Naturaily.

Like growing professionally? Let us help you

Naturaily is a great place to work on your existing skills and developing new ones. We hire people with different level of experience, from professionals to juniors. No matter your expertise, you will always find something to share with others or someone to learn from.

We put emphasis on personal development. At Naturaily we often send our employees to various events including but not limited to lectures, workshops or conferences. If you’re looking for professional improvement you will certainly find something for yourself.

From zero to hero

Recently we’ve introduced a new path for Junior Developers that we call… Codemaggedon. It’s an amazing opportunity for you and other aspiring developers to grow and obtain knowledge. Within a reasonable time we will teach you all of the good programming practices, how to use new tools such as Docker and how to work effectively within your team. Also, we’re a huge Agile lovers so expect to learn this too! You will become a mid or even a senior in no time!

Like pizza? We’ll buy it

Each week we have Pizza Friday! That’s right! We love spending quality time together, especially if it means eating tasty food. It’s an amazing stress reliever after a long week of work.

And the fun doesn’t end there. Each time we finish a project or a product we throw a celebration party. For such occasions we usually go out and have fun at museums or shooting ranges, it really depends on the theme.


Like to sleep-in? Work from home

At Naturaily many of our team members work remotely. Our communication has proven to work so well that we can successfully collaborate on projects with people working hundreds of kilometers away from our central office in Wroclaw.

Each week we have a ‘weekly’ (what a surprise, right?) meeting. It allows us to be up to date with all of our projects, share new ideas or learn what’s going on at Naturaily. Even our remote team members participate online! If you decide to work remotely at Naturaily just drop by from time to time.

Like new Macs? Easy

On your first day at Naturaily, you will be equipped with a MacBook so you won’t have to use your own device at work. You will also have access to every peripheral you may possibly need such as mice, touchpads, screens, all sorts of cables and dongles. All you have to do is ask our friendly Office Manager, Anna.

What would great hardware be without great software? We use all sorts of tools and applications to make our lives easier and more productive. From Slack and, to always keep in touch with other team members, Adobe Cloud, InVision and Sketch for those beautiful UI designs, to PluralSight so that every team member can always learn and improve their skills.


Like informal atmosphere? Join us

When you first join Naturaily you may be stressed out that you won’t fit in or that we’ll pressure you to work as fast as possible. Soon you’ll realize that we’re actually very friendly and chilled out. Crazy, right? Naturaily has a unique family-like atmosphere, so don’t worry, we don’t bite. You’ll fit right in.

After time-consuming and challenging tasks you can go relax in our chill room. If you’re feeling ambitious you can even play with other team members on an Xbox. FIFA is our favorite game!

There is no hierarchy in our teams. We highly value equality. Everyone is allowed to speak their minds and is treated equally, no matter their position or experience.

Want to join a remote-first company?

Work with people that share your values!

  • Transparency

  • Fail culture

  • Honesty

  • Freedom

  • Sense of humor

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