What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is one of the most mature and stable solutions on the market. Even though it was created over 10 years ago, Ruby on Rails still remains as one of the most popular technologies in web development.

Ruby on Rails is well known for its ability to create prototypes very fast due to its efficiency in development. That is the reason why for many startups Ruby on Rails is the first choice when it comes to choosing technological stack.

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Advantages of Ruby on rails

Why is it worth to choose Ruby on Rails web development?

Efficient development

Ruby on Rails was designed to develop projects as fast as possible. The framework was designed to make developers follow certain standards, what saves you time on decision-making and allows new developers to easily pick up your project’s convection. All in all, Ruby on Rails developers can build a working MVP in a very short time, no kidding!

Fast prototyping

Rails makes prototyping from scratch extremely fast and easy. Hundreds of thousands of free libraries, so-called Ruby Gems, are available to you to get your project up and running in no time.

Versatile technology

Ruby on Rails proved itself to be a perfect match for many types of applications, it is extremely versatile. Airbnb, Twitch, Shopify, Github, Basecamp, Netflix, Hulu - completely different businesses, united by Ruby on Rails technology. All of them deal with extreme user number and traffic, so don’t worry, your Rails-based application will be very reliable and highly-performant.

Clean Code

Ruby on Rails is one of the most mature solutions you can find, it has an active community and great amount of resources. Code written in Ruby is praised by developers because of its clarity and simplicity. It makes working with it much smoother and faster what leads the project to be bug-free and delivered in no time.

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