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The world has changed lately. There is no doubt that some era has finished, and we won’t go back to how we used to live before COVID-19. People had to start doing many things online, without going out. E-commerce development companies have been doing much more work to prepare their customers for bigger traffic and help their businesses in this new reality. Even those of you who used to believe in old-style retail had to change their minds. The hard truth is that you need to evolve, or you just die.

You also have made your decision. This is the time when you’re going to change your life and your business. No more waiting for some better times. You are open to your new path and the huge billboard in your head is almost shouting: go online.

So you will go. You have a budget to invest, you have a great product and people already know your name. You have it all to be successful but… how exactly do this? Until now, you have been doing great but in the real world. Not here, not online.

Friends are saying that you definitely don’t need any stupid e-commerce development company to start your online business. They say that developers will just take your money and click some simple stuff in some CMS. You can do this by yourself after watching a few how to not fail video tutorials. Or you can just hire John who will do this for you. Why would you cooperate with the whole company?

Because, dear friend, they can help you in the way no one else can.

They have done many projects before

You are great in your field. With every single year of your work, you have been gaining experience. This is something that you don’t learn from books and can’t explain in two simple sentences. You even can’t teach it. Experience tells you what you should do in hard situations and how to gain more profits from your business.

The professional e-commerce development company has it all. They have optimized many shops before, and they already know how to do this right. They know what works and what just looks like it may work but actually… it doesn’t. Which happens more often than you can imagine. There are many things that business owners see as attractive to customers, but life shows that people online walk in their own ways. Sometimes it seems unpredictable but UI/UX designers know it all. They have their data.

It will be no guessing or experimenting with your business then. All these e-commerce developers will talk to you about your personal needs, and they will use all knowledge they have gained already to make your business successful.

Two heads are always better than one

Probably you have thought already about hiring some freelancer who will help you with setting up your shop. You have visited all these forums and websites where people say how simple is Shopify and that you don’t need any special skills to handle it. However, you want more. You don’t want just a simple shop. You have your ideas and your requirements, which are more demanding to achieve.

So, If Shopify is not so hard to use, It means that one developer with some knowledge should be able to create magic. You have made your research already, and you know that hiring some freelancer will be cheaper than choosing an e-commerce development company. You may also feel like this one person will be more focused on you as it’s not possible to have more customers at the same time when you’re by yourself.

Have you also thought about what this person would do If didn’t know how to resolve some problem during the process? Creating all these solutions to make your shop exactly how you want it sounds easy, yes. However, we already agreed that you have your needs and high expectations. If there’s a problem do you want to get a simple resolution or the best one?

The e-commerce development company hires not one, not two but many talented people who have different skills and knowledge. They work together for some time, they know each other, and they create great teams. They have been in many situations, they have experienced many surprises before, and have worked with many technologies. What does it mean to you? That they will find the best solution for your shop. A lot faster than this one freelancer could ever do.

Every e-commerce development company competes with the whole world

It may sound weird when you read it first. The point is that freelancers will always find a job. They don’t need huge projects to be satisfied. They don’t need to look farther for customers. Few projects per year are enough for them usually. However, every e-commerce development company wants to grow. Wants to go big. As you do.

To grow, they need to get more awesome projects. To get more great projects they need to be the best in what they do, so they are chosen more often. To be the best, they need to know what all other e-commerce developers do, how they do it, and what works. And they know.

They watch their competitors to always be on top, watch the news, learn new technologies, watch the mistakes of others. It helps them find the best solutions, and it motivates them to be better every day. For you.

Having an e-commerce development team will give you the knowledge you can’t just find asking questions on Quora or even digging deeper on the Internet. Also, they will really care about you because you will be the best proof for others that they have it all, and it’s worth to hire them. Especially If you decide on the team from Eastern Europe, let’s say from Poland.

The e-commerce development company is also… a company!

Last but not least. Who will understand the businessman like you as… another businessman? Even these are entirely different fields you have some similarities. Freelancer may not understand the exact budget you create for each year and month. Probably won’t understand that you think about customers as well.

These developers will get this. They also need to gain traffic for their website, they also do marketing, they also need to catch the attention of potential customers, and they also hire people, plan and go for some compromises sometimes.

They will understand that you need to plan, and they will go with your flow to achieve your goals.

So, what do you think? Is it better to do all potential mistakes on your own to get experience or maybe just use the experience of a professional e-commerce development company?