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11 Libraries for Vue Development in 2019

Like most of the JavaScript frameworks, Vue is dependent on libraries that can speed up the process of creating web apps and make them simply more appealing and comfortable to the user. But which Vue component libraries should you choose? There are dozens of them and creating an ultimate list isn’t that easy. Let’s try anyway!


In this post we've gathered some our favorite libraries we often use in Vue development. We guarantee that they will significantly speed up the process of creating an application and at the same time make sure that it will look awesome. So without further ado, let's jump into the 11 libraries for Vue development you should be using in 2019.


GitHub: Vuetify

Vuetify is a widely-loved and praised by developers component framework for Vue. It provides ready-to-use components created according to Google’s Material Design. This framework makes building an application a breeze. Plus, it supports all modern browsers, including IE11 and Safari 9+.



GitHub: Boostrap-vue

Bootstrap-vue provides a smooth and complete implementations of Bootstrap 4 components and grid systems for Vue. It allows you to build great looking, responsive web applications with no necessary knowledge of CSS.



GitHub: HighCharts GitHub

Website: HighCharts

One of the most popular JavaScript charting library out there, used by companies such as Facebook, Nokia, Yahoo and Verizon! HighCharts make implementing sophisticated charts in you Vue application a breeze. Even charts filled with a ton of data load and work surprisingly well! Plus, it's free for non-commercial use.



GitHub: Fontawesome GitHub

Website: Fontawesome Official Website

FontAwesome is a great resource to get your icons and SVGs from. It has a wide library of free icons with an even larger pro icons storage. With almost 60 thousands stars on GitHub, it found its way into many technologies from web and mobile applications to desktop apps. If you want a hassle-free icon implementation, you should definitely give it a try in your next project. Check out Font-Awesome repo specifically made for Vue here.



GitHub: Bulma GitHub

Website: Bulma

Bulma is a CSS framework that is based on flexbox meaning that it is essentially environment agnostic - it can work with every JavaScript framework!



GitHub: SweetModal GitHub

Website: SweetModal

SweetModal allows for easy implementation of various kind of modals. Good looking modals are a must-have on every modern website!


Website: Vue-i18n

This plugin makes an internalization of your application a breeze. I18n has a simple and easy-to-use API with features such as component based localization, DateTime localization, Number localization and many more.



GitHub: Vue-masonry-css GitHub

Website: Vue-masonry-css

Have you ever wanted to implement a masonry layout in your Vue application? With Vue-masonry-css it’s easy! And thanks to removal of additional Virtual DOM layer, it’s very fast too! Not to mention, the implementation is truly effortless.



Website: Vue-select

Quick and easy way to implement drop-down list in your Vue application. jQuery free guaranteed!


GitHub: VeeValidate GitHub

Website: VeeValidate

VeeValidate is a validation library that is similar to HTML5 validation. It allows you to validate HTML5 inputs as well as custom Vue components. On top of that, VeeValidate has some neat features such as async validation, delayed (debounced) validation, form localization and many more!



GitHub: Vue Parallaxy GitHub

Great and easy way to implement the parallax effect in you project. Parallaxy is an easy to use component that promises 60 FPS scroll effect. It allows you to customize it by changing CSS classes - you can easily do that using props.

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