What is React?

React.js is a JavaScript library that was created and later developed at Facebook. Since its launch in 2013, React took JavaScript community by storm. Now, this library has become a standard in modern front-end development as it gained millions of developers and hundreds of contributors.

Facebook aside, large companies such as Netflix, Instagram, New York Times, and many more, have already utilized React in their projects, which has brought excellent results in terms of performance and development speed.

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Advantages of React.js

Why is it worth to choose React.js development?


The React team is continuously improving their product. The library allows developers to efficiently create components of an application and reuse them in various slots of the project. This DRY approach pushes higher code quality while reducing the amount of required code, thus making the development process much faster.

Rich user experience

React, being a JavaScript library, has found its way onto many modern devices - it’s a very good solution for multiplatform applications. React offers a unique and very efficient way of updating the view as it can update separate components only when state changes are detected, making it a viable solution for SPAs and PWAs.

SEO friendly

With the right tools and developers, React.js applications can easily become SEO friendly. React offers server-side rendering which returns the Virtual DOM to the client-side. As Google pushes fast website rendering times to maintain good SERP rank, this feature ensures high SEO performance.


React’s goals is to provide the best web rendering performance. Given the amount of utility and features React has, it is very performant compared to other similar solutions. Snappy applications and very low loading times, guaranteed.

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