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Shopify remains the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. Together with Woolman, we provided Shopify development and integration services, solving most complex cases for Shopify customers.

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The need

Shopify integration with external systems

Shopify offers a lot of features but lacks e.g. ready-to-use solutions simplifying orders management (on the European market).

If you need something extra, like a shipping list generated in real time - you need a dedicated application.

Together with Woolman, we designed the custom external software integrations for some of the top e-commerce brands. This included warehouse management system, loyalty system, product data management system, gift cards and many more.

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The solution

Integrating existing external systems with e-stores on Shopify

One of the custom integration was Nordic Shipping App which enables data exchange between the Shopify store and the shipping company in real time.

This way, it is possible to generate waybills and set new pickup points visible to customers while shopping.

The second custom Shopify application is responsible for the integration of data such as customer data, stock balance, order status, product data, product prices, gift cards, asset updates, etc.

Thanks to the integration, when new data is entered in one of the external systems, it also automatically appears in the online store (and vice versa).

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The tools

External authentication and verification system is a e-identification system that enables the citizens of Finland and the European Union to be recognized in a safe way by using various identification media such as bank-id and mobile certificates.

One of the integrations has been implemented to enable customer identification with the use of external system.

The integration allows e-store customers to pass authentication very quickly. The whole process is time-saving, 100% safe and secured. To make it possible, we have used SSO (single sign-on) - a property of access control of multiple related, yet independent, software systems. With this property, an e-shopper logs in and logs out with a single click.

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The results

Fully integrated Shopify ecosystem

Thanks to the custom integrations of the Shopify store, the customer has become more effective by:

  • Sending orders from Shopify to Oscar system (with data translation from JSON to .xml and field mapping).

  • Integration of inventory and prices in online pharmacy store.

  • Automatic update of product images based on a media bank.

  • Automatic update of the privacy policy and regulations that the customer must accept before finishing buying process.

As you can see, the integration possibilities between Shopify and external systems are almost limitless.

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