We are hiring
Frontend Engineer
(Wrocław or remotely)

Who we are looking for

We are an Agile development team using Ruby on Rails, Meteor and Ionic to craft great web and mobile apps. We work with startups and grown-up companies. Read on to learn who we are looking for.


  • Frontend application architecture design.
  • Frontend application development.


  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript/CoffeeScript.
  • Understanding of popular JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Ember)
  • Hands-on experience in Angular.js.
  • Experience with React.js and Ionic is a plus.
  • Experience with build & deployment tools.
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails web application framework a major plus.
  • Good coding habits: good naming, testable functions, readable code.
  • Being collaborative: listen to, learn from, and teach other team members.


  • Interesting web projects and proven team.
  • Great environment to learn and enhance you skills.
  • FVAT or UOD.


  • Mac …or a PC depending on what you prefer.
  • Flexible work time with ability to work remotely.
  • Library with some interesting books.
  • Fresh fruits, sandwhiches twice a week.
  • Pizza days, gaming nights.

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